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Review (11/27/2013)

The session begins with a flashback to Jaren at the Black Crown fulfilling his civic duties by aiding remote viewing of locations in Stormhaven in an attempt to learn who or what caused the ‘disturbances’ ie who was active during the Time Stop. This skilled work taxed his magical energies for the day; but he learns and adds clairvoyance to his spell repertoire as a result.

We catch up to Friday morning and a mob of individuals ready to take action against the squid-heads; they obviously do not understand the enemy we face. Just their presence undermines everything we work for. Council member Versel, undoubtedly voiced the seed of this fruit before us, addresses the masses:
  • Do not engage the mind flayers.
  • Look for strange or uncharacteristic behavior or speech from friends or family.
  • See something say something.
  • It is us vs. them- don’t confuse any actions to the contrary.
  • We open our doors to one on one consultations.

Many individuals who were wrapped up in the emotions that a mob often generates disperse leaving a handful of competent and pragmatic nobles of wealth and four fearless fighters of steel.

Eric Theron Starkmore (brother of Etrain Starkmore of the Rain of Blades Academy) and Galdan of Foxrun (big game hunter) present themselves willing to invest in endeavors against the aberrations.

Undaunted at their initial proposal, Jaren waxes at length our successes and indicate our immediate goal of the warehouse hive. Galdan asks for nothing in return for his tribute; he thus credits us for defeating the Edana Estate monsters that bordered his property and livelihood.

Eric mentions possible political favors from his brother but does not abide for certain. He does however inform us of newly opened tunnelage under his estate since the Stormhaven rise; passages that are sure to extend under the Red Keep. He thought we should know.

While solidifying the deal Jaren prefers incorporating with the underwriters guild over opening an account with the moneychangers. Fuck em. 

Meanwhile four warriors gather at the Vial and Flask for RAGE and magical items posted for sale. (Hand of the Mage, Cloak of Resistance +2, shiftweave, hit kickers)

9am. Twilight House we meet with Arkiel to exchange information on our common enemy. When we arrive we see that many individuals here were in fact unaffected by the Time Stop; however, no actions were taken in what was described as multiple stand-offs. Aside from that Twilight House thrives under his leadership.

Joining Arkiel we share our knowledge of the warehouse hive and information would help our assault.
  • He said a hive of that size likely has 5-7 illithids.
  • Most can control 2-3 at a time, rare few can dominate more than 5-6 at a time.  
  • The aboleth is a legendary creature- millenniums old.

 We ask if he knows of the ‘jump forward’ sensation that occurred during the Time Stop and the many theories about missing people. All he could say was that he did not know but would try to find the answers.

Jaren again expounds on our recent successes and mentions well of our recent benefactors and reiterates this is of the highest importance.

It was here that we also came up with Operation: Durg the birthday boy.

After Twilight House we went to the Black Crown so Jaren could gather his magical energies and memorize spells while Auge purchases two mind blank scrolls and moves to introduce himself to Robalar; playing out ameeting that was negated because of the time rewind. The meeting had a strange out of place deja-vu to it.

In the meantime Versel poses several questions: what is the aboleth after, what is its ultimate (centuries spanning) end-game? The answer: Truename magic or as we intuit the Maleficus Arcanum, a book of truenames and truename magic.

Jaren surmises that the news White Spider relayed was suspect regarding Tamros’ search for the Maleficus Arcanum and that the aboleth seeks the tome through unwitting accomplices. So where could this possible centuries lost book of truename magic be? 

We decide to investigate these newly opened world disk tunnels. To the Red Keep.

Under the Red Keep we do in fact find new tunnels and discover the architect had worked in truename utterances in some areas including a passage sealed like a prison cell. Deciding not to investigate further… yet, we head over to the Starkmore estate.

Once there the birthday boy notices an odor that he had encountered before. We insist that the accidental archeologist lead us to their new world-disk tunnels. Although fearful, the guy leds us to three tunnels; these tunnels obviously lead under the Red Keep and we also believe is the entrance to Iracudia’ lair- the dragon of wrath.

Respecting her space we leave a small tribute of RAGE; an eternal wand- Auge’s signature brand; and a note of formal introductions, intent of non-hostility, and the possibility of a face to face meeting at a time of her choosing.

Retreating back to our territory Jaren deciphers the utterance Knight’s Puissance (in a guardpost) that benefits allies while imposing upon enemies.  Back at the prison door Jaren puts to use his new divination spell and sees a most invocative scene.

Dark creatures some robed while many seemed to be of otherworldly origins; extraplanar beings and gruesome undead-looking creatures all pointing and speaking to a four-armed long tongued creature that had an utterance emblazoned on his forehead- it was painful to regard. They drove back the foul tongued speaker into a glowing portal and presumably sealed it behind the door under the Red Keep. One of the ‘prisoners’ seems to turn to Jaren and ends the vision.

We begin next session Saturday night with Durg’s Birthday party and our attack on the mind flayer hive.

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