Friday, November 29, 2013

Flashback: Strangers in a Strange Land

None of it made any sense to Sanford, all the hours these days were filled with talk about wild magic, secret promises, and bad ideas. It was all nonsense to him and had nothing to do with their immediate problem- they were seven lost individuals in a forest full of plants and strange animals none of them had seen before. They all agreed they were no longer in the north, but no one could fathom when it was either. It was actually Sanford that ended the rambling and got everyone working together on their main problem.

It had been a strange and tense four days for the group and each of them individually had challenges to overcome; for Sanford it was that he was tasked as only fighter of the group, which implys that he is the designated protector of the party. As for the others individuals around him…

Being close to these two in the past Sanford observed a stark change between Elad and Claudia; once close partners and Shadow Theives they now seemed to be at odds. They disagreed about something and it merited investigating.

The Brightmantle dwarf, to Sanford, overly worried about what supplies we have at our disposal, specifically ammunition. He is out of his element away from the forges and is afraid of being a liability. So far Blain has done more than his share of nightly watches, skilled work, and camp upkeep.

Tyrus Skullborn is likewise worried about supplies however his worry stems from magical resources, specifically over his spell book, he does not have it. That makes him a liability; he knows it and he knows Sanford knows it. Tyrus will be on the lookout for any spell casters and spellbooks and will use any methods he can to obtain even a scrap of magic. 

Meaghan had the most fascinating story claiming to be reborn in another body- one with a strange divine birthmark on her shoulder- the mark of Mystra. She arrived without any clothes in a body no one had ever seen before. She was quickly aided by the drow who was somehow impacted greatly by the birthmark.

Shar Auvryndar awoke before any of them the day they appeared in the forest. Sanford acknowledged that the drow could have killed all of them if that were his intention, but did not and that as far as Sanford was concerned good enough. The drow has fallen ill however and it is now Meaghan who cares for the drow. Shar’s drow physiology is rejecting the surface environment.  

On the fifth day the centaurs attacked. They were not exactly centaurs but that was the closest thing any of them could come up with after the first wave. The monstrous humanoids had the lower bodies of an oxen, broad and muscular with the upper portions being that of  feral ogres, bearded with thick heavy fur.

The brutes used fist and hoof seemingly in an attempt to grab one of the women but were scared off by Blain’s deadly gunfire- obviously these creatures had never seen or heard the effects of a gun. They may be easily scared but Sanford believed they would be back, and in greater numbers.

Finally! Sanford thinks; it’s time to move on.
“But which direction?” Claudia asked tabling the obvious question looking expectantly at Elad Edals. Sanford thought this was perhaps the root of their disagreement.

“I believe I have detected sounds late at night; faint wisps of sound coming from the west or maybe to the south... to the south-west.” Elad Edals finished confidently.

“Sounds of what exactly?” asked Tyrus anxiously.

“I cannot tell.”

“Then it would be dangerous to follow ghost sounds.” Claudia stated flatly. “There could be harpies or any other number of malign fey ready to turn a man’s ear and will.”

Ok, there it was. Claudia fears being led into a trap.

What followed next was a great meeting of minds that all adventuring companies eventually conduct in order to weigh benefits and risks of splitting the party. Such discourse creates the adventuring bond between warrior, clerics and magic users in a way few other professions can relate to.

And after some days and weeks later the seven lost adventurers finally came across the first sign of civilization they had seen since arriving in this strange land. A narrow overgrown trail extended east and west, the trail ruts just barely visible through the tall grass. Sanford judged it had not been maintained all season; maybe a year and thus would only abide single file traffic; there was no visible indication or clue as to which direction they should take next.  

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