Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review (11/6/2013)

The Vault
Just as we close in on our enemies, we are transported both physically and temporally to our lair under the Cinder Block, Wednesday the morning of Obadiah’s memorial service.

The sensation was like teleporting but with an underlying sensation of being elongated or stretched. Coming out of the effect in our lair we ultimately intuit that the Black Crown has enacted their plan returning the portal to Kaer Maga and Stormhaven to a previous point in time:

Also in attendance at the lair, Nissian who listens with amazement at what has taken place and who announces that he will not be going to Kaer Maga after all.

Jaren asks Nissian of the nature of Tiamat’s motives for if/ when she discovers us (because hopefully she is again unawares because of the time reset). His cryptic response indicated that we would lose all individualism and become her pawns rather than outright destroy us. So that’s a relief. L
Roland VanFleet
7am. With the promise of mind-flayer activities to come Auge sends his contacts elsewhere, Durg and Versel get pumped up, and Jaren prepares spells for combat with the alien illithids.

A little later Ague prepares wyvern poison as Jaren scrys on various contacts in the Cinder Block all of which looks sluggish and lethargic, he notes the presence of other scrying eyes then suddenly Nissian announces aberrations are nearby.

Prepped for combat we began a patrol of our holdings and discovered we were infested. Somewhere above was three illithids as well as Hate an ‘outsider’ recognized from the rock hammer dwarf night. An outsider and an aberration; a crab-like nightmare with a lamprey’s mouth and many inhuman eyes! A Neh-thalggu Wtevrthfuk- A brain-collector!

After properly destroying him with an array of alchemist bombs that remodeled the Neutral Grounds with a repulsive coat of Neh-thalggu entrails, eyes, and pustules we do a sweep of the upper areas killing stunned mind flayers at will.

Clean up is executed by the Dragonsbane troops and after the Cinder Block is safe we decide to attend Obidiaha’s services again.

Driftdown Chaos
10am. Time Stop. Durg falls unconscious as we enter into a period of time that is being affected so that it doesn't occur. People stand as statues, birds hover in the air; indeed the entire world looks as if it is waiting.

Plans and schemes race through our minds when we see that we are not the only ones exempt from the Time Stop- Socordia is flying about and if you see her moving… it must be for catastrophic reasons. Jaren explains to her what is occurring and she repays with information that we are in mortal danger. Outsiders are likewise unaffected by the time stop and can get into places- secured places- that they would normally be barred from. The devil who is actively researching our truenames for one.

We can’t let that stand so we of course decide to break the first rule of d&d and split up.

Where would this devil go? The embassy? Jaren, Auge and Durg decide to find out while Versel plans to send his regards to the Money Changers guild.

Flying to the Embassy we immediately sense something wrong. The time stop has caused the release of a demon from a prison-gem, a device Nissian is fond of using. We kill the creature but not before he grows to a gargantuan size.

Off to the Money Changers where we find Rakshashas waiting for us: Roland VanFleet and another Rakshasha. These too were killed in an amazing battle of fire, spell, claw and strength.

We begin next session at the Money Changers guild after the combat and around a half hour into the time stop effect. 


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