Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review (3/30/11)

Wednesday we see how the weather has gotten much worse. Many folk are here to be removed from the cold; this also heightens the Cinder Block’s importance in the Rats Nest and the Upside. We also detect a prevalent fear present in the eyes of the many here. Our flame burns hot against the cold onslaught. Jaren takes it upon himself to assuage the people and makes himself at home among them. At this we received a note, waiting for us since Sunday, in which the Necromancer Brunderson came by with news that the fliers club was under attack (Failure in binding a demon has released it into their midst). Seeing no urgency in a message already two days old and with the solstice in days, it wouldn’t be wise to be drawn into another conflict.

Having a chance to get to the Vial and Flask, Auge is pleased to discover the sale of inventory and a fortunate happenstance in the form of a female Halfling. Both Durg’s cloaks were sold, as well as Sons Commodities items (total 1900 gp.), Auge’s snake blood tooth and down payments on two items: boots of the Mountain king (sons) and eyes of the eagle (auge). Pilini informs that a group calling themselves “the Hand” was in the Flask and was interested in business, notably an angelic individual who traveled with an elusive woman and a hawk. They could be reached in the driftdowns at the Fairwarrior Inn. Whatever it is they’re either going to have to come back or it’s going to have to wait until next week.

The day got a lot more interesting when a female Halfling calling herself the White Spider from the Liquor Commission tumbled in. Bravely presenting to Auge what her skills awarded her with, she produces 6000 gold in valuable diamonds and a couple of wands. After some talk Auge gave her 4 cure light wounds potions and a third of the haul, she furthermore payed 1000 gold for poisons and some credit at the Flask. Pleased with the exchange Auge invites her to witness the crafting of a wondrous item.

Jaren has a brief dinner meeting with Nefertiti and finalizes the details on the meeting with the Black Crown hierarchy tomorrow. Vercel works the lifts and discovers that there has been blood on the lifts- workers have been slain. We also split up some treasure at some point.

Dinner hour that day, we see that despite the shitty weather people are ready for the Solstice and are in a festive mood. In walks a human blanketed in furs: Enurta of the underwriters. Paying a visit to see how we fair and prosper without any banking assistance, but in actuality trying to discern our stance between the impending hostilities between the underwriters and money changers guild. Later, the renowned Pippen Toma’s visit yielded him shop space and five years rent for a couple of rings for Jaren.

It was decided that, we would pick up after the work hours on Thursday at the Cinder Block. From here we focused on the visit to the Black Crown. Nefertiti’s plan is for us to offer our testimony as to the fate of the Nightstalker and she would lobby for Jaren to have earned his passage into the Black Crown and the rest of us as VIDs. After being teleported deep into the tower, we were given audience to 13 projected images. “… and at the end, Nightstalker was banished through the power of its Truename.”


Russ said...

Minor correction, the killings were some of the stair guard. Not lift workers.

(Versel)Auge..your little spider looks tasty!

James said...

Noted. Thanks for the correction.

(auge) Isn't she great? Lol

robm1171 said...

I think we also decided to visit dad's embassy on Friday. I think Versel and Durg also wanted to swing by the Broken Fang (?) embassy, where the troll-blooded gnolls make their home. Our intentions were to possibly strike up an alliance.