Friday, October 4, 2013

False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear as far as Master Ormbras Delzord was concerned stood for Fuck Everything And Run, because when the entirety of the North’s dragons descended on Waterdeep- your only hope for survival was to run… and run… and run. 

The inevitability of their coming was frightening enough but to see such terrible power in the flesh, the impossible size of them and their aura of blackest purest evil. It was all too much for Ormbras’ younger brother who could not abide the fear and killed himself with a quaff of a street poison that was trending now for... opting out.

His thoughts drifted to Raine Wands, he of the colossus akimbo and their recent tete a tete. Ormbras remembered how surprised he was upon seeing the wizard. How long had it been since he last saw Raine? Months? A year? But there he was bald as an eagle now, carrying a staff, and wearing that familiar pale coat of high office of the Order. He spoke with an odd dialect now but that was not why Ormbras thought there was something else odd about the wizard. Something out of place, maybe it was the new hairstyle of having no hair at all.   

Raine assured Master Delzord that all would be well. He reminded Ormbras that the cooperative endeavor between the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors combined with the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters under Ormbras’ watch will give many Waterhavians a chance for survival.  Midsummer was just four days away.

“… the magical fire that keeps the street lamps will repel Frostburn and give the people a shield of fire to take refuge under.” Raine said patiently tapping the staff on the guild hall floor. “Maskar says those who retained the ability have been tirelessly scribing incendiary scrolls… under his watchful eye.” This last he added to emphasize the weight of just how many people are involved.

Outside as the north winds blew Ormbras found himself staring absently at his clock feeling a lot less anxious. Standing at a window Ormbras paused, he could see the barricades being built along the streets; blockades to Mount Waterdeep, and put the stopper back on the vial in his hand.

If what he said was true and if Waterdeep survives Midsummer, Raine Wands could very well be the greatest of all Waterdeep’s long history of heroes.