Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review (10/16/2013) Book Two: Rise of the Reds

There we were: Jaren cursed with a disease, Auge and Versel- stand amidst a counterattack by their enemies and faced with a choice: Go after Durg? Or root out invaders in our home? After a brief discussion on the matter we agree to evict the illithid invaders; may they reach a fiery end.

Making his way first from the Vault to the public rooms of the Cinder Block; Auge pauses to take in the air. Illithids had a flat greasy quality to their scent; it was one that was hard to forget. Although Auge detected no presence of the tentacled ones, their effects were clearly written in the actions of the many patrons and bar flies unfortunate enough to be in attendance. He hid until more information was known about the numbers of their enemies. This did not; however spare the alchemist from the powerful suggestions of our unseen adversaries.  

The moments stretched as several Cinder Block patrons, Auge, as well as staff were lured into Neutral Grounds for an alien brain feasting ceremony. It was one elite flayer of minds which stood apart from his -common partners not just in his attack style but also in his pulsating, vile-tentacular appearance. Disembodied brains floated about the illithid like lumpy grey clouds and littered all around were discarded bloody headless corpses.

Versel entered the fray, his confidence in his abilities clearly burning in his eyes, quickly dispatched one of the lesser mind flayers as Jaren casts a spell to counter the effect that enthralled the peoples. After a few dire seconds Jaren and Auge eventually fell to stunning mind blasts and Versel is deafened by a critical slam from the illithid, it was looking dire for the brothers fire.

When suddenly all the floating brains slammed together in a magical explosion calling into being an elder brain. The Brain was unnaturally big, pulsed and contracted in high definition. Versel tried in vain to stun the Brain just as the remaining mind flayer moved to the Brain and plane shifted safely away, its foul ceremony complete. 


James Caruso said...

harrygoblin said...

Jaren did not fall to any of the mind blasts- in fact it was Jaren who woke Auge from his stunned condition. Sarah's, Jaren's cohort, did fall to the mind magic of the flayers.

harrygoblin said...

Sarosh, not sarah

James Caruso said...

My bad. I'll have to pay more attention since you've got an npc running around too. Btw the link in the comments is a spell both of us should consider. :)

Russ said...

That spell is awesome! It would be a little twisted in any other
game. But for Half-Dragons it's absolutely fantastic! Hell I may start joining you in an after battle cocktail just for the fun of it.