Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Keep It In The Family

  Deep below Storm Keep, there were a series of chambers. Damp, chilly, strewn with debris, these were the dungeons and torture chambers of the Agundar family. Dimly lit by torches and lanterns, there was a room that housed a rack of fiendish design. Dreamt up by the god's wife, Cherilynn Anteos, this rack was covered in spikes that raked the flesh as the limbs were pulled. It could even be tilted forward so that the tortured could be held over a brazier full of hot coals. This was the Embrace of Pain, and it was Bordane Agundar's favorite place to meditate...
  Cherilynn cranked the rack another few turns, then stirred the coals in the brazier. Held lovingly in the Embrace, tilted at a steep angle over the hot cinders, the Iron Hand grimaced as his limbs were pulled farther apart. Sweat ran down, and dripped into the brazier, causing a near constant hiss like that of a thousand snakes. The iron bound door open, and in stepped Dannrlee Bladesemmer. He looked at his lord, bound and suspended, then glanced at Cherilynn. She smirked and leaned over to whisper in her husband's ear.
  "Sai Dannrlee is here, as you requested, my love," she said.
  Bordane raised his head and opened his eyes, gazing upon his chosen cohort. Dannrlee stepped forward and took a knee, one fist upon the flagstone floor. "My lord, I have come as you requested. I have seen to Anja's chastisement. 40 lashes."
 Bordane nodded, "You will have to teach her that she's expected to seek her own punishment, not look for it in others. Strength and discipline is our core. Now, I called you here to advise you of a possible opportunity for growth..."
  Dannrlee raised his head, meeting his god's gaze and raising an inquiring eyebrow, "Yes, my lord?"
  "You should back up Umbrusk's loss of their jewels... " Bordane spoke.
  "Yeeeeesss?" a slightly puzzled look spread across Dannrlee's face, then cleared, "Ah, the Umbrusk house will be indebted to the Bladesemmers... However, I may not have the funds to cover their loss..."
  A slow grin grew upon the young Agundar's face, "Oh, I'm sure if you come up short, you'll figure out a way to get the necessary funds." A quick glance at Cherilynn drawing a dry chuckle, "Mayhaps a loan from the church?"
  Dannrlee looked down at the floor, swallowing nervously, "I'm sure I can find the money, my lord. If nothing else?"
  Cherilynn undid the leather straps binding Bordane's hands, and he quickly dropped his hands to grip the hot iron brazier, to prevent him from dropping face first into the hot coals. His flesh sizzled, causing Dannrlee to swallow again.
  "Yes, of course. Go with my blessing.. and grow your strength."

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