Thursday, October 10, 2013

A New Beginning

west tower, the spire gave the high wizard the best vantage point of Mount Waterdeep. The impact tremors caused by the colossus and their pummeling attacks prompted Maskar to cast protective spells; he had responsibilities after all.

A cooing sound kindly embraced his heart, the sound warmed him; he looked down at the source of the sounds lying comfortably in his arms. His baby nephew had a shock of red hair and a mischievous smile; they boy had a strong aura of wild arcane magic. Maskar returned the smile that quickly soured; raising him would pose unknowable challenges.
Outside on the mountain Raine betrayed Frostburn breaking the Staff of Fire across the back of the beast’s neck. A loud crack echoed across the city followed by a conflagration form every lamp in the city that seared every dragon tricked into attacking Waterdeep; this freed the way for the scores of avatars to ascend the celestial stairway reestablishing the divine order. Maskar could not see the stairway but could see Syndra Wands, and the Samular Tet disappear after taking a step up into… nothing.

Dragons cried out in pain under the mighty slams from the three defending colossus-es; this caused the smile to return to Maskar’s face while in his arms the baby kicked in excitement.

“What is it little one?” Maskar said putting on his best fatherly smile. The baby laughed enthusiastically and when he did a small mobile of dancing lights revolved slowly just over them both. Maskar was astonished at the magical potential of the baby boy.

Yes raising him would pose unknowable challenges, but Maskar would raise little Smendric like his own son. 

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Russ said...

Awesome! And a nice fade to black.