Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guess What I Heard

"The dragon queen and her select court are here in Stormhaven now, sir." Obryn as always answered and waited patiently for the old dwarfs next question.

"It seems as if her stated intentions upon arrival are indeed her primary interests, sir." Obryn went on to explain " They have advertised having large quantities of potions, thousands in fact, enough to outfit troops for important conflicts. They also have a wide variety of other magics for barter, and they are trying to engage in trade for magic weapons."

"Well, sir, it's hard to tell. They seem to only discuss prices in carefully planned meetings with potential trade partners. It is generally believed however, that the best deals are to be had by trading weapons with them."

The old dwarf finally thanked Obryn for his time and knowledge, dismissing. The old dwarf was growing more foul tempered with every additional dragon that had shown up. As he watched Obryn exit the marble and oak office he said aloud, to no one in particular, "We are being overrun by these damn dragons!"

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