Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review (10/30/2013)

This week’s foray in to fantasy catches up with the Sons of Nissian Saturday morning with an early summons for Jaren from the Black Crown. Once there we are ushered into a banquet hall where Three sits gathering his magical energies via a cornucopia of gluttonous delectables. Three was gluttony perfected, a great component for the right dragon of sin but also in danger from the virtues for what he represents.
Several Black Crown wizards were listening raptly as Three describes Kaer Maga. Nefertiti Xanthippe complements Jaren for the ‘gift’ of Three.

Conversations shifted to Adalwin Joscelin (who takes another illithid body off our hands & gives Versel a Book on Chess) in his magnificent mansion. Peering out of the mansions windows we see a thousand skies and hundreds of landscapes ticking by at an impossible rate. Joscelin believes this plane is in a free-fall and he fears where the aperture opens into.

The Crown has agreed to intervene in regards to the portal to Kaer Maga. Altering the turnabout of planes and restore rightful position. The question was posed to us if this would be to our benefit or detriment. We agree to disclose when Tiamat knew of Stormhaven: ‘one of us pierced the gateway’ during Obadiah’s funeral. With this information the wizards can attempt to return to a time before the portal (this plane) became in flux. The power is here already and that power is Three, it just has to be done.

We have no problem with their plans as of now, though Durg has his doubts; the Black Crown business switches to preparing spells, formuli, gaining tattoos, and a meeting with Robalar Smithe.

Robalar is a master chemist at the Crown who agrees to barter alchemy formuli with Auge in exchange for languages and metals. After explaining the amenities found at the Cinder Block he makes an apt for Monday (after ‘swords and stuff’) adamantine short sword and scimitar
That night brings Cadmar Embry.

1 am. We discuss the five ships and what he knows:
1.       Dragon's Hangman (Uncle’s ship)
2.       Neptune's Serpent (Cousin’s)
3.       The Bloody Serpent (Cousin’s)
4.       The Greed of the Corsair (Loyal Mercs Captains)
5.       The Fear of the Devil (Loyal Mercs Captains)
(Please add more if you remember more.)

Invisible, we fly out over the ocean and split up. Durg and Jaren attempt to track the scent of the Scraphite on the two ships Greed and Fear while Versel and Auge scout out the Hangman.

After some expert investigation we discover a distraction afoot on the Hangman and the scent of the list on the Scraphite on the Fear of the Devil- then all hell breaks loose.

Versel captures Balasar Frodo (the spellcaster/talker from the Dragon’s Hangman) and we are able to subdue Tappa, Argo, and a monk. Right now we have Domharo backed up into a corner and some other individual in the water who has an air elemental hot on his trail. 
Vercel's ship to ship fighting style. 


harrygoblin said...

kudos on the word of the day. You, sir, are a cornucopia of hilarity.

Gordzilla said...

good stuff

Gordzilla said...

Additional note, you listed the Kaer Maga Wizard Three as the source of power for them to alter the time line. That wasn't what was said. James the power source for the turning back time is your dragon character from the Kingmaker game. The wizard Adalwin Joscelin never said that directly, he just indicated they would draw on a power source equivalent to Tiamat (although he refused to say that name). I outside of roleplaying confirmed it was your dragon character. In other words, the players know what the power source is, the 1/2 dragon characters do not, they only learned their is a power source in Stormhaven close to or equal in power to Tiamat