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The Hung Sailor Inn

Keeping to the rooftops Kalina and Fejyelsae, both skilled cads and familiar with urban heists, led Cherillyn Anteos and Aymee Talmost high above the hazardous streets. Waterdeep public works historically only concerned itself with the sewer system south of the Mountain and only token maintenance on the streets. However when the siege upon the city began every public works resource had been put to use repairing the upper Wards. This has led to uneven terrain exacerbated by the snow and ice. Besides the likely hood of their footprints being followed on rooftops was nil Kalina thought with a grin; sure the going was rough and perilous but if it was not… one was not living.

Coming to a stop on a business called Sperpentil Books &Filos, the quartet stripped off a few unnecessary pieces of equipment and then produced their weapons; Kalina slowly rose over the edge of the book store to visually scan the intersection and target building. Snow blew into her eyes but she was able to see she saw that the streets were sparse with traffic so the snow would not betray them. With her hair pulled back tight she was able to dawn her mask with little effort and bade the others to do the same.

“I will not hide my face to the infidels.” Cherillyn said with certitude as cold as the day. Kalina nodded.

“The red leather gives her away too.” Fejyelsae remarked with her usual ‘there it is’ wit. “The Hung Sailor, oh so many things come to mind!” attempting to refrain from the stream of innuendos that poured into her thoughts.

“Classy.” Aymee said. The Avatar of Sune agreed to this business only as insurance should anything unplanned occur.

“There she is,” Kalina announced looking down at the corner and Kiiri who seemed unfettered by the difficult terrain. Making a subtle signal to Kalina and Cherillyn, that the streets were clear, the Colorful One entered The Hung Sailor leaving a small wedge in the frame that the door did not completely shut…

Emilia Husteem regarded herself in the mirror; skin tight black-glossy armor caressed her sensual form a spiked chain was coiled about her waste and shoulder like a baldric. Her thoughts drifted to Tanis Blackcross (formerly Stormweather) and how his strong firm hands would defeat her passions—he was to date the only man to outlast her in Candle Rights. Her piety returned when she herd breaking glass and whip-cracks that marked the beginning of the Rite of Pain and Purity.

Smoke was produced as small outsiders, called Torments, were summoned to facilitate the ceremony. The Hung Sailor normally catered as an Inn to visiting sail-hands from abroad; however with war and the onset of an early winter the Sailor had little custom and was sold. A ditch has since been dug down the middle of gathering men and women who all began to chant and beat their breasts. There was some pushing and shoving when Emilia descended to the head of the ditch to place the ceremonial black pudding down the trough. A line was beginning to form at base of the ditch, as Torments began to pull apart the floor where the gutter was dug as makeshift bats. They began to swing them menacingly.

Performing the necessary oratory component to her Aspect that signaled the beginning of the Rites; immediate fights broke out as acolytes and faithful fought to be first or one of the first to traverse the ditch in its entirety. Eventually, in sporadic numbers men and women began the Rite of Pain and Purity by first walking bare foot on hot coals for seven paces, all the while being harried by the floorboard wielding Torments. The next seven steps took one through broken glass, then barbs, briars and thorns all while fighting off the outsiders as the black pudding slowly ate away the painful coals, sharp glass, and piercing barbs. Everyone had to make one pass before the pudding consumed everything including the toes and feet if one did not make the trip yet or was not fast enough. At the end of the Rite waited a painful lashing from Sai Husteem with her spiked chain before one could was allowed to emerge from the shallow trench. It was a swift moving ceremony, lasting less than four minutes until all momentum halted as the last participant wearing Elven Chain Boots stopped short of the ditch—black pudding fully exposed.

“How dare you defile the ceremony? Your foot-wear offends me greatly!” The priestess Husteem said angrily.

“But they do match my outfit!” Kiiri the Colorful said dropping her back cassock revealing her true nature and intent— fine weightless elven chain adored the exotic woman while in her hand was a hand crossbow and was pointed at Emelia.

From Emilia’s left Kalina Kormallis produced her Legacy as Fejyelsae grappled the priestess, locking her arm disabling her. Emilia uttered a word of pain that relieved her from danger as everyone within ten feet fell to the hard planked floor wracked in pain. Kiiri released the dart from her crossbow; however, the priestess was too far away and the dart fell harmlessly into the pudding. Frustrated Kiiri sought the refuge of an old concierge desk from warmer days past and reloaded. Cherillyn leapt like a predator leading with her terrible aegis striking Emilia on the base of the neck, she fell—but rolled to a crouch. Highly trained in the art of pain Emilia was not even dazed.

Priestesses clawed and tore at each other viscously, both with divinity on the line. At one point Emilia had won over Cherillyn then in a streak of luck Sai Anteos rebounded and recovered. Kalina and Fejelsae worked as team keeping the groups at bay, these were potential followers and could be converted. Kiiri however had no such reservations and aimed to kill with every dart.

Outside Aymee cursed the weather, it was beginning to rain. She took her gloves off; they were useless if they were just going to get wet anyway. A scream from below from inside the Hung Sailor told Aymee the ambush had begun, she needed to be ready if one of them should need help—Aymee could channel her divine energies from here healing anyone on the street below. One incantation first she thought, casting the Endure Elements spell she cursed again as magic surged in a wild torrent…

Inside the Sailor many barefoot combatants had surrendered or fallen unconscious from the numerous non-lethal attacks from the two Shadow Thieves; Kiiri abandoned her cover to aid Cherillyn against the powerful Emilia Husteem. Confidence turned to doubt when an enraged Tanis Blackcross followed by Finnegan Blackcross and Drizzt Do’Urden crashed the brawl. Tanis, unfazed at the promise of striking a woman, back-handed Fejelsae brutally sending her flying to land where Kiiri was crouched just moments ago. He moved past Kalina avoiding her opportunistic attempts and to Emilia’s aid. The drow was not as lucky to avoid Kalina however. Kiiri’s shot was true and was able to slow the charging drow. Kalina engaged Drizzt matching his whirling scimitars with swift dagger strikes, but even in a reduced state the drow would be quick to turn the battle his way. Finnegan moved to Kiiri and instantly had her on the defensive; however his assaults were not lethal attacks. 

“Retreat!” came a female voice over the din of battle. Unsure who called for the retreat both parties heeded the advice. Tanis, with Emilia in tow retreated from the rear door from whence he came; Drizzt continued to fight Kalina blade-to-blade while the others withdrew from the Hung Sailor. Kiiri felt obligated not to pursue her attacker who was not motivated to kill in this encounter. Looking quickly, assessing the room she moved. Helping a stunned Fejelsae to her feet, Kiiri started for the exit giving Kalina and the drow a wide berth.  Cherillyn moved to pursue Emilia but stopped, she would not leave her friend against this wretched drow.

Seeing his situation slowly deteriorating Drizzt purposefully moved to be flanked and recited the words of an illusion. The glam was supposed to make each flanking combatant believe they were still battling the same foe, but in reality the two combatants fought each other. However Kalina was the Lady of Deception and possessed the Illusion Aspect so when her weapons made contact with the illusion it was immediately destroyed. The ruse was successful enough to give Drizzt enough time to withdraw leaving the two women behind in the derelict inn. 

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