Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Long overdue

Lakari stood on the rooftop of the Dragons Roost, her keen senses picking up the movement of her 2nd moving in behind her. Trent silently moved up alongside, “sorry to bother you, but I have news from the northern wards Master”. The undead Chimera has finally been put down and.. he trailed off recognizing Lakari was not listening.

“She warned us of this you know”, teary eyes fixated on the gruesome scene below. She thought back to the palaver, Eva standing before Knights of the Firelance, pleading for them to listen to her. “The attack is coming she said, and unless we band together we are all lost”. She said this would happen; some of the order even mocked her for it.

Trent looked around, unsure if he had interrupted a conversation or was expected to comment. “To whom do you refer to Master”?

“She goes by many names my friend The Seer of Fate, Matriarch of Souls, but to us she is The Mistress of Death”. Trent stood silent for a moment unsure of where this conversation was going. The Lord of Murder is gone, and it’s clear he is not coming back. If our tet is to survive we must move forward and place our faith in her hands. She knows us, understands us, and will not pass judgment on our past transgressions. Her wisdom will guide and protect us. “The attack is coming” Lakari repeated as she gestures to the pack of “Black Skulls “ripping apart the citizens on the street below. If the council would have listened to her this never would have happened. This is all their fault, she exclaimed grinding her teeth. Trent could see the anger building in her eyes. “They have put their faith in the wrong people Trent. Piergeiron and his ilk have failed to protect this city, and unless they cast aside these foolish Gond beliefs they may very well doom us all. He noticed her shaking now, more from anger than the bitter cold that had began to cut through his cloak like a knife. “And you know the worst of it Trent”? She said a bit too loud for his liking. “Those “knights” will probably blame her for this! Saying she could have stopped it or more likely she was the orchestrator of the whole attack.

Trent could barely hear the singing when it caught his attention. In the distance part of the city burned while dark winged angels sang overhead. He pulled Lakari away from the edge of the roof, breaking her eye contact from the horrific scene below. “So what’s your call, what do we do now”?

“It’s time we help her, starting tonight, right now!” Lakari said looking hostile and confused. We have rested on our morals for too long. Trent could tell what ever had inspired the sudden fit moments ago was beginning to subside. Shaking her head as if to remove the last of the rage “I meant what I said just now, not sure why I said it though. But I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have never felt so angry, and these so called knights, their arrogance infuriates me.

“It’s ok” Trent reassured her “let’s just focus on the issue at hand, how do we help a god”? He couldn’t believe the words had actually come out of his mouth. But this topic seemed to settle Lakari and she needed that now.

“Well she is not a god, not yet anyway” she smiled. The first sane thing she had said since I got here thought Trent.

“OK, she is not a god, just a mortal, noble, human, women…..Money”! You said Storm Keep had amassed quite a large garrison of troops? They will need supplies, food, and equipment that all cost money. I don’t know what the aspiring goddess of death and murder pays but I bet it’s not much. Until we learn how to help her amass power we can start helping her amass wealth.

Lakari’s eyes opened wide for the first time in hours. Yes! With the city in chaos we shouldn’t have any problems visiting a few guild houses and villas on our way to Storm Keep.

“One problem with that plan Master” Trent interrupted. “To finish my earlier report it seems a group of green and red fey creatures already did just that. A few of our patrols followed them to an outbuilding not far from here.

“Good” she exclaimed “then perhaps the troops at Storm Keep would be willing to lend a hand. Fey aren’t really my specialty, and I know they have dealt with them in the past. Also put some men on special assignment. I want to start collecting all the information we can on the Knights of the Firelance. I want to know everything about entire order, starting with the council. If we need a change of leadership, I would prefer to have that information sooner rather than later”

“Are we really going there”? Trent asked. “To Storm Keep I mean”?

“Yes, I think a meeting is long overdue”.

“OK, but if she turns me into the walking dead, I am going to protest”.

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