Thursday, July 19, 2012

On The Road Again

Cherillyn Anteos stood flexed ready to attack if someone made any sudden movements. Her tight red leather armor made her even more opposing… god like. Assessing the players in this act of coercion and intimidation Cherillyn represented painful implications for any misstep or breach in formalities. The Pampered Traveler is full of Melairkyn these days and tonight was no exception. Drinking and celebrating their recent victories against the yaun-ti and troglodytes the Dwarves largely kept to themselves, but Cherillyn would not go back on a promise to a friend...

“The order of the High Road has been settled in the Palaver my good Lord-Bard,” said the Aspect of Charm. “The road is secure between Waterdeep and Amphail—one hundred experienced riders—and proper funds have been raised and matched by many supporters. You are to begin immediately.”

Sitting across the table, Jayson the Bard sat nursing a warm mug of ale spiked with anyone of a dozen potions he was hopelessly addicted to. He raised his eyes to meet the speaker’s and saw the truth in her eyes. “You left out workers Kalina Kormallis, my magic still requires hands to build with I will need laborers.” The bard said with regret. “Most of my construction team stayed in Yartar.”

“Look around you Sai, why do you think I met you here?” Kalina produced a small box, opened it and removed two gems. “Recruit some help Sai Jayson, this will help.” Keeping the two gems she handed Jayson the box. Confusion turned to comprehension when he realized what the box and its contents was.

“You are to begin immediately.” Kalina repeated the suggestion her voice laced with divine power. Turning from the legendary bard Kalina rejoined Cherillyn Anteos on the way out of the Inn, “come girl… to the Dock Ward and your seventh aspect.”

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