Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Journal Entry: Rewards of Service

Two days before my father is laid to rest. Eva has told me she is holding his soul for me, so that I may send him to his rest after Ascension. I had not until then considered that she made this decision every single time any human died. Everytime, Anyone. It serves me as a reminder to BE the god I will rise to. With funeral arrangements set for Friday, I plan some special ceremonies for my morning services tomorrow, during which I shall reward seven of my most faithful followers, regaling the Glories of their triumphs.
      Teldicia, my high priest, has spread my word and gathered my cavalry faster than I could build my church.Her zeal gains my admiration, as well as her selfless healing, which has saved more than one soldier caught in the collateral damage. I shall give her an enchanted headband, one that magnifies her energy and passion. I will present it to her before ceremonies, so she may disguise it in her wardrobe, if she wishes to be discreet about it.[ headband of charisma +2]
     Galoban has been behind the scenes, but dedicated in bringing music, bards, artists, and historians to the ranks and hierarchy of my followers. I am particularly pleased with his efforts to scribe a written account of the historic Samular Ascension as it occurs. He, too, shall be given a similar headband, which I believe will serve him well. I will present it in front of his musicians so that he may bask in the glory of his success, but i will not describe it aloud, again allowing him the option of discretion. [headband of charisma +2]
    In the morning prayer, I shall recognize Lieutenant Vataan Harpell, and recount his bravery in Amphail as he led his Second Platoon to defend the people of the village. To help bolster his own defense and honor his bravery, an enchanted shield is his prize. [light shield +1]
     Also in prayers, Stable Master Candace Tanner shall be asked to stand and be recognized. Her expertise in the herd have shown through as we haven't lost a single horse to to injury or fatigue. She has proven to be well in command of the growing diversity in my herd and pack. Her gift is a magic ring, made of gold with the images of woodland creatures raised along its outer rim. [ring of animal friendship]
     Alegan of Waterdeep shall be called forth as I relate the tale of him volunteering to ride with Samular Lord Damian into combat, vowing to be his Protection, and granting him the Luck of The Horseman. How he withstood the shrieks of the banshee over the Tower Of Luck, and flew into the face of one of the terrible whites.He will be given two rewards. First a magic buckler shield, so that he may still wield his sword when he needs to. But he will also receive my first honor of knighthood - the Samular Badge of Courage. A small finely woven flag my crimson and gold colors with the silver Samular crown in the field, it is pinned on the left shoulder or breast. When he wears it, it is as if he is within sight of my Banner cavalier ability and gains its benefit. [+2 buckler; +2 morale bonus on fear saves and +1 morale bonus on attacks made as part of a charge]
  Captains Fallon and Arina shall be called together, for their rewards are the greatest and were earned together. To Fallon I will give a magic ring, enchanted to protect him in battle, and a similar ring shall be give to Arina, but one whose magic is not as strong. Then, I will Knight them into my service as nobles, giving them each a second ring, a Tarm signet Ring, and ask them to rise as nobles in the Tarm family. [ring of protection +2, and +1 respectively. As a game note, Captain Arina responded by taking the last name "Tarmsman", while Fallon declared he was now known as "Sir Fallon Waggner Tarmsman, Captain and First Knight to the Lord Horseman Samular Tauren Tarm".]

My mind wanders.My hands ache to grip Arcanum and sink it's bite into Frostburns flesh. Any inactivity seems to lead to restlessness. I feel time either slipping away or coming to an end. Its good to have Briar in the Keep again, Perhaps she can help me find sleep tonite.


Gordzilla said...

Excellent Post Butch

Russ said...

Agreed, very nicely done!

James Caruso said...

Yes, very complete and detailed.

harrygoblin said...

Thanks.I really enjoy building the followers, and I thought putting some pictures to names would be nice.James, this equipment totals about 30,000 in value. This should be well ahead of my 25% upkeep cost for my leadership modifier.

James Caruso said...

I had no worries.