Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Hammering Halls

Located in the Trades Ward the Hammering Halls is a collection of metal-smiths, armorers, and weapon smiths dedicated to honest business practices, the superiority of metal products, and perfection of individual craftsmanship. Here blacksmiths come to one of the open forges that are available for a fee or trade in services to the owners. To ease the city watch commitments, a group of volunteers, armed and highly-visible, patrol the Hammering Halls even requiring visitors to sign in and out when leaving. Popular opinion says nearly anything made from metal can be found here.

Notable personages include: Galloway Steamwhistle, an gnome smith with crazy ideas and crazy debts. Master Marksman McGee the proud and loud Dwarven Captain of the 'vigilant volunteers', he is said to be a master marksman. Morin and Bors Moggun, human brothers who together own a third of the open forges at the Halls; they are hard partakers of wine, women, and... what was the other one? Finally, the 'resident' cleric to the Halls is the fire and brimstone evangelist Harnum Firebelly. Cursed with insomnia he is nearly always available with heated sermons as well as bitter but helpful healing potions and of course blessing services in the name of Pithran to sacred forges and newly minted weapons. 

In a formal ceremony before all the owner-smiths and supporters, many of them staunch believers, the Hammering Halls became the first joint consecrated grounds of two faiths: celebrating craftsmanship, the virtue of the spirit behind the Hammering Halls, as well as the joining of two faiths in similar and equal purpose; the human church of Gond and the Melairkyn faith Pithran Mithrilshot are thus recognized. Hallelujah! 


Gordzilla said...

Interesting development

harrygoblin said...

Free association with short people? These Gondsmen are trying to provoke us!