Sunday, July 22, 2012

Executive Orders

Cortland Andrus, Avatar of Gond, believed with all his heart that the way and modernization of the Wonderbringer was a good and noble faith that not only inspired creativity and innovation in people, it symbolized a prosperous civilization and industry. The preservation of Gond’s domains and his teachings of Apprenticeship: the passing along of knowledge or skill so that it may be used to enrich the lives of others—was more important now than ever. Facilitating the process of apprenticeship all but guaranteed that invention would increase exponentially and the its knowledge would live on forever. Cort believed the future and prosperity of mankind relied on the preservation of civilization, invention, and knowledge—sans the sin of pride, instead embracing acts of generosity.

Sitting in Piergeiron’s parlor, Sai Andrus and the Paladinson listened to fixedly to Carmichael Hawkwinter, Avatar of Helm speak at length about his efforts at revealing subversive religious sects in Waterdeep. In the wake of the Time of Troubles several would-be cults and silver-tongued clerics, in possession of a divine aspect or two created a lot of havoc heralding 'Fate and purpose' awaiting them and their followers in Waterdeep.

Organized crime is in fact, Sai Hawkwinter went on to say, spreading as charismatic individuals whose personal empire and influence control such items like foodstuffs, alcohol, and spice trade become powerful black marketers. While Waterdeep attempts to ration food, people turn to alternative methods to feed their families.

"However I feel, my good Lords, that the riots and loss of Deepwater Isle Prison is the greatest immediate threat to the security of the city and its people. I and the Church of the Vigilant will devote every available resource to ridding the city of this alleged Corruptor from the lesser planes… with your leave Sai Paladinson." Carmichael said plaintively.

"Granted, though you know you do not require my approval to evacuate an outsider from our good realms." Piergeiron said trying to keep the meeting between friends cordial.

"He asks because it requires the death of inmates who are wards of the state Sai." Cortland observed openly.

"It is unfortunate but unavoidable." the Avatar of Helm admitted coldly.

Piergeiron sighed and said, "you offer wise council Sai Hawkwinter, but we will nevertheless adhere to more civilized practices. Subdue the people who offer resistance, but respond to deadly attacks in kind are we clear?"

"Yes Sai, you are both wise and kind thank you." said Brother Carmichael resolutely. Offering them both the Protection of Helm the tall powerful man left the two old friends in silence.

“First Knight.” Piergeiron said in an elevated voice summoning Armult Tesper who was at guard outside the office door. Piergeiron and Cortland exchanged uneasy looks, both knew what was next—leadership was difficult; many people of Waterdeep would not like the Paladinson’s next decision.

“Sai,” was his only response to the summons. Cortland only sat in silence as icy rain began to beat on the office’s window.

“I am executing Executive order: Fire-brand,” Piergerion said with absolute authority. “Begin stockpiling weapons of fire: fire-brands, weapon crystals, magic rods. The city will also be purchasing weapons of fire from the public for use in defending the city from the White dragons. Waterdeep is prepared to offer fair market value for the weapons. Legal counsel has drafted the order, the initiative begins immediately.” He handed the Knight a sealed scroll. “See that copies of this are disseminated to Ward Civilars and read publicly at every hour.”

“By your command Sai Piergerion,” The First Knight said with practiced servitude and promptly retreated from the office.

The two men, Piergerion and Cortland sat in silence for many moments both taking occasional sips from their coffee. Winter lighting flashed and thunder rolled refusing to let any silence linger.

“You know,” Cort began. “People are not likely to relinquish the only weapon they have to fight the Whites. For some folk it is all they have.”

“If they do not, I will mandate the stockpiling efforts. We cannot lose the city my friend. These weapons of fire, be they weapons or alchemy, could be the only thing stopping Frostburn from dominating the north.”


Gordzilla said...

The first picture at the top, from that angle looks like the guy from The Office, but I think its actually David Bowie. Do I win a prize?

James Caruso said...

David Bowie is correct.