Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another call to Service

"But despite the heroics and valor displayed that night, despite the victories in the city and harbor, beasts of the north have wrought lasting and dangerous harm to Waterdeep."
Tauren paused, letting a little tension build in his words. Although he felt different, changed, certainly, from his war on Draco and the attainment of his complete divine portfolio, he couldn't know the extent of his changes in confidence, appearance, and stature. He wasn't aware that he had now with him an air of regalia, of nobility earned and defended, an aura of royalty. His physical presence and charisma buoyed his supporters like an ocean and assaulted those who opposed him like the wind of a coming storm. His words inspired commoners and nobles alike into moods of war, peace, caution, celebration or reverence as he wished.
"The beasts have a tactic that must still be dealt with. We have the means to cure it, but it will take time and effort. I charge my priests to go forth and purify the food supplies and water wells that have been fouled by the magics of the cursed dragon scourge. Go through out the city and identify yourselves and offer these services to all the homes of Waterdeep. Spread word that the Herald's of the Horseman will help undo the spoilage at an any home free of charge. Give praise to Samular Lord Arsten Thunderstaff, and all the Lords and Ladies Samular, for honoring the commitment of Nobility, and protecting Waterdeep. Warriors, do not let the clerics and holy men go unguarded. We have many enemies within our city walls, and we must be on our guard. Be wary of outsiders and their intentions. Be on the lookout for any signs of the heinous Cult of the dragon. Be on the look out for each others safety, as always. In the name of Samular, for Waterdeep!!"
The congregation broke into rousing cheers as trumpets, horns and drums filled the air with loud and joyous music. Fighters and cavaliers were already pairing with clerics in the platoons, and people were exchanging "what they knew about Lord Arsten" . The mood was so uplifting that Tauren, the Horse Lord even momentarily forgot about his fathers funeral, set for the next day.


harrygoblin said...

I would like to change my picture to this guy. The other actor leaves me with very very few options to select.

James Caruso said...

Awesome! I like it!!!