Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Tale of Cirillo

Cirillo had been to the Mage Ruins many times before. Never in his two years as a guide was the payment this valuable. A cloak of invisibility, in exchange he would lead a magician into the ruins. Though he didn’t know much about magic Cirillo could tell this wizard was powerful. It seemed like every move he made was aided by his arcane arts. He had mastered magic the way a seasoned rouge could use the tools of his trade. You knew he had used it you just didn’t know when or exactly how.
As promised the wizard had handled every encounter alone. Whether it was firing a ray and disintegrating a would be opponent. Or speaking a word and their foes ignoring them completely. Cirillo was never close to any danger. Even the bothersome Gargoyles where no match for the wizards firepower. He found himself wondering why such a man would be interested in the ruins.
Cirillo had never paid close attention to the stories of Athalantar. He always assumed the ancient wizard kingdom had been dreamed up by the humans of Secomber to make themselves seem more important. He doubted his little farming village had been constructed on the ruins of a great empire. Though it did make for some terrific bedtime stories. That was before he found the book that changed his opinion on Athalantar. The tome he had found last week was definitely ancient and magic so there must be some truth to the stories. And the letter arriving from Waterdeep the next day securing him as a guide was a bit odd. But he didn’t have time to think about that the cloak he had dreamed of was nearly in his grasp.
After 6 hours Cirillo led his client into the hidden chamber. The door with the strange glowing symbols looked unopened same as before. There it is Cirillo boasted with pride, just like I promised. The wizard pulled the gray wool cloak from his robes handing it to the halfling, your payment as I promised.

Cirillo face aglow grabbed up the cloak, I will be the only halfling with an invisibility cloak in all Secomber he thought. He wasted no time in throwing it around his shoulders. It took only seconds for the magic of the cloak to take effect. The poison coursed thru his body as he fell to the floor he died almost instantly.
And now for the door sneered the wizard.


James said...

This is great Russ, I'd love the next person who posts to continue the wizards story. :)

James said...

It's Wednesday!!!