Monday, April 26, 2010

The Knightslayer

Good news, you won the assignment! This could be your ticket in chum. Follow the map and loot the tombs indicated. There will be some diversions to busy the guard, but don't dawdle. You are a made man if you can retrieve this weapon. The weapon started as a simple but very strong flanged mace, pictured here. But while being imbued with the lust of a dragons heart, it's appearance changed slightly to reflect it's draconic empowerment. It should now sport a dragon head on top of the mace-head, not sure what color. Do not mistake any other weapon for The Knightslayer.

" Announcing the young Lady Cherillyn Anteas"
"Good Day Cherillyn, it has been a couple years since we last spoke." were the careful words chosen by Tauron. She was the same age as Tauron, and her brother only a year older, and the two of them were in many of the same classes with Tauron in academy classes.
"A day of sorrow for your family, Tauron, and the Anteas wish to extend their condolences."
"You speak for your father and brother as well? Or do they even know you are here?"
"I speak for myself, and I am Anteas as much as they. I am not here to be nasty." Her icy tone matched her thinning eyes.
"I actually came here out of worry for my brother. I do not wish to offend you, but I must be blunt, for I know no diplomacy to soften my words. My brother, I'm afraid, is a simpleton and I believe him to be falling away from the family. I'm not sure what his motivations are, but I fear he may have been involved in the grave robberies that occured last night."
Tauron's mind raced with countless thoughts and angles to what she could possibly be setting him up for. This visit was exceptionally bold, but admittedly bold was her style. "What would lead you to such a fear?"
"Well the morning of Greengrass he received an early messenger, a messenger he had apparently been waiting for. I remember nothing about the messenger, but Rory was extremely happy with the message, and spoke of gathering supplies for a 'night foray'. Look I don't what they are, but that is what he says when he goes out at night looking for trouble. Any way, after he left the house late that night, I went snooping around his chambers, and found this in his 'secret' drawer."
She handed him a parchment with an excellent picture of a huge mace and some hand written notes. Tauron read her eyes intently before he looked at it, but as always they only revealed what she wished them to. Reading the notes, he could not help but notice how its arrogance sounded just like the Dragon-Cult letter they had intercepted.
"The fool hasn't come home since, but that's not that uncommon. Look, I just want to make clear that this is not family related. I'm telling you because of our history."
" With all due respect, why don't you think your dad and uncles are in on this? Its always been family related with them. And why wouldn't I suspect them of being involved in the murders?"
" Well what nobody knows is father and brother haven't spoken to one another in 6 months. Even I don't know the reason for this gulf between them, but it is real and it seems likely to not end. I do know that Rory has been cut off from many of our family assets."
"What do you gain my telling me this? Even if I could trust you to tell the truth, you would do so only to gain benefit. I've been the fool to your plots before, and I just want to know what you gain from this."
"I am telling you this because I value my family name and will not have it besmirched because of a disgruntled fool. As to what I gain, well time will tell us won't it?"

Butch- I took advantage of backtracking, and this meeting took place just before we all met at noon the day of the wedding. James I leave it up to you whether she let me keep the parchment or she took it with her. Some lore on the mace- it did start as a heavy mace, but was turned into a magic rod called The Knightslayer. Like all rods it has several powers, none of which prohibit it's use as a heavy-hitting magic melee weapon. As to whether it was contained in one of our family graves is for James to decide.

Post script- sorry about the picture of the mace. The head is cut off for some reason.


James said...

That's great stuff! I'll fix the pic.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: The Knightslayer, eh? Seems to me a weapon we as a company may be interested in heading off and possibly destroying, if at all possible.

James said...

Is Anteas supposed to be Anteos? If that's a typo, no worries- just doing some research.

James said...

"Yea I met a Rory Anetos on Midsummer night- no it was Shieldmeet. He claimed to represent a trade company... mercenary something or other. I don't remember much about the night if you get my meaning! LOL! But I do recall his face."
-Friendly Secomberite.