Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vigor and Intention

You know, Sai Prince Torvil had always expressed his want to prove himself worthy of his status even as a young bondsman. He says himself with humility of how he will someday rule his family’s land. Aye, that one is eager to be proven a lord. He even carries Durindana! The Sword of the ancestors, it has been in the family for seven generations ye kin! Oh, but he has an ominous side to him say true. Sometimes during moments of stress or excitement- Torvil can see into the astral. Like ghosts, astral travelers haunt him from time to time; why he even admitted to me to have glimpsed into the eye of an astral dreadnought. But his tales of late have become increasing bold and astonishing.

At one time, only two others knew of his super-natural ability- The dwarf Shagg ‘Foultongue’, honest and true as the day is long I tell you but dense when it comes to higher thinking outside of his paladin-like morals. He’s a good dwarf aye but he, unfortunately for us all, suffers a curse that translates even the most common word of casual palaver into a vulgar expletive- sometimes even offensive, so don’t take it personal say thankya.

The other folken is none other than the Celebrated Cleric of the Wonder-Bringer Stribling the Gnome- who loves adventures in old castles and exploring ancient ruins. He’s as good as they come I wager, but a little creepy to be around. I mean gnomes are fey, are they not? I herd a few things about him too; that he hates caves and realms below, the underdark and keeps his own secret- Stribling has a super natural ability of his own (something rumored to involve water elementals). Aye the young Sai Prince Torvil, along with Foultongue and Stribling the Cleric, happily take on any adventure that is important to his… well, soon to be his… lands with much vigor and intention.

I was here in the tavern at this very table aye, when the trio set upon their latest. It was in elaborate say true, with the aligning of the two (Are they stars?) Karpri, Coliar and the constellation Maerilzoun the Serpent, it was quite a to-do. Prince Torvil would not say for certain what awaited them beyond the road, but it involved a set of cursed Bracers of Defenselessness and a dragon hoard.

Aye you say true, I say thankya.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: "Prince" Torvil, eh? I'm sure he has no papers to prove this, this princedom? I could just as easily say I am the Caliph of Calaam, or some such. Without proof, to me, it's worthless. Although, this sword... Durindana, sounds intriguing.

James said...

Some say Bane is the path to ultimate power.