Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Good Company

Company of the Hippogriff Newly formed company in the North; with Amelior Amanitas as their benefactor they travel to Secomber where inhabitants have discovered the corpses of twenty fey creatures. Seven moon elves and thirteen dark elves, washed down the Unicorn Run from the High Forest upstream. Mystery surrounds the cause of death. Their members include; Sernar of the Sky Pony barbarian tribe (Great Stakes racer), Mellomir Ilzimmer the traveling merchant, Harriet Gundwynd a hippogriff rider and Tracey Strongbow the fey princess (Also a Great Stakes rider).

To Quash Yon Scoundrel Young and uncertified adventuring group. Made up of a quartet of non-nobles; ‘May-pole’ Dran, Lion (an axe-wielder), Ambreen and Arion (magical siblings). Friends since childhood, where overtime they collected equipment, weapons and armor; practiced to hone their skills and eventually formed Quash! They have high hopes about securing the Middle Way near the Stone Bridge.

Blinkstone Companions Hometown favorites! Very popular and well liked all noble family- company that has lasted for several years. On Greengrass they left Waterdeep with much fanfare for points north to discover the nature and possible threat likelihood the Great Horn is to civilized lands. The Companions are comprised of Caladorn (former Cassalanter) Cavalier of the Lion, Texter Paladin of the Lawful Three, Mastock the orc Chieftain, Sumer a rider of Nesmé, and Malusiel The Theurge of Azuth.

Brown back hard-men A group off all warriors including two dwarves (Ardden and Pelasgus) and two human men (Draf and Helios). They started as thug-busters in the dock ward and branched out as mercenaries to capitalize on surge in need of capable swords (“Or Axes!”). Adopting their name from the hard leather vests they wear; reinforced on the back to protect against back-stabs. On their way north they intend on stopping and meeting out Earth and Stone, the dwarf sorcerers in Leilon about the elusive dragon.

Kryptgarden Forest Keepers Taking it upon themselves to become independent investigators for what is being regarded as the Noble Seven Murders. Two remaining original members; Dayton Coffey and Catrina Nesher are now joined by the lovely Tymora cleric and Luck Rider- Heilean Eather (who has a sweet eye on Tauron).

Wanderblades Another new company; just completed their Warden’s Walk that began last fall. Not much is known about this party- only that they too (like Hippogriff Co.) set for points east; specifically Loudwater where dark fey bodies and mutated owlbears were found dead. Mystery surrounds the cause of death.

One-Thousand Trade Kings Spokesman: Basilius Blackthorn. Not really an ‘adventuring’ group, but a company nonetheless. The merchant alliance calling itself One-Thousand Trade Kings has sent emissaries to the rulers of Waterdeep, Mirbar, and other cities of the North, announcing its formation and its intent to control overland trade in all mithirl weapons, armor and equipment used in transport and commerce within its area of operations, bowing to no monarch, but not intended to wage war or become unto a monarch itself.


Gordzilla said...

Damian: I already don't like the sound of One-Thousand Trade Kings. We should allow them to blossom to minor success before grinding them under heel.

harrygoblin said...

Tauron- Aren't these the guys that spoke against your father and the inheritance that is rightfully and lawfully Agundar? I suggest we allow them no room for any growth lest they maneuver their claim into some kind of political decision that gives them claim over the strange ore you family controls.

James said...

(Chadwick) Mayhap I can get some information from my family about the Trade Kings. Carmen was under contract for a short time.