Saturday, May 8, 2010

It Takes a Village

(Passage from Sage’s Speculation- A series of narrative conjecture regarding the origin stories of various individuals of questionable importance)

The elven las was just an infant when she was kindly adopted by the entire population of Shadowdale; indeed the entire community helped in one form or another to raise the elven child. Silverleaf so named for the shiny leaf-shaped birthmark she possessed over her heart. She grew up clever and capable in her young adult life; she was also in possession of a rare magical talent. This naturally caught the curiosity of the town’s venerable resident mage. Silverleaf was likewise fascinated with the dark humored and calloused old mage and his incessant stories; especially tales that hinted at an eldritch power called Spellfire. So much so, that after a time she set off several times to discover rare magics only to return unsuccessful, when at long last Silverleaf returned to the old bugger who then cast bones as to interpret her fate.

“Go ye North young elf, where thy mayhap discover what thy seek is nay what thy truly desire.”

And go ye North she did, but she would not travel alone- Volmyr of Shadowdale, most eligible bachelor and a good-natured but barbaric companion, mounted up beside her...

(Twenty years later, her remains are now entombed in the Waterdeep Gardens along with Volmyr. It is not known if she was ever successful in discovering any elusive magical power, but she did find love because both hers and Volmyr’s remains bore love bands.)

(From the Journey Logs of Caravan Guard Captain Jericho Tull)

Day one
Debark west from Zhentil Keep at dawn. Inventory and roster are in order. Weather fair.
Named Bryan Kormallis as my lieutenant.
Should see a respectable twenty-five wheels traveled today.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day thirteen
Begin caravan march one hour before dawn, beginning wake cycle adjustments. Inventory in order. Weather dry and windy.
Roster change- add Silverleaf (elf female) and Volmyr (human male). Both capable trackers and alert scouts. Today we turn into the trail that takes us across Anaroch.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day nineteen
Begin caravan march three hours before dawn. Inventory and roster in order. Weather dry and hot.
The desert is taking its toll- the sentries are scared and irrational.
PS- We were surprised during the night with an attack from what I describe as living fire with red bat-like wings. Some fear that it’s a dragon. One wagon lost, including three animals. Two sentries dead.

*Skipping ahead entries.
Day twenty-two
No travel today. Adjusted inventory and roster. Weather hot.
Majority voted to hold up at an oasis and defend it. Volmyr, Silverleaf, Bryan and half the remaining sentries venture to seek out the ‘dragon’ that has terrorized us for the past three nights.

(The Journey Log continues on day twenty-five with no change in inventory, roster or further terrorism from the ‘dragon’ and arrives in Waterdeep only two days behind schedule.)


James said...

(DM) Silverleaf is the tomb that Morelming was hired to search and Volmyr the Anteos brother (See Butch's post). These crimes were committed on or around the time we began the campaign.

(Eden) OMG my father knew these two!

Gordzilla said...

(Damian) How many does that warp marble thing hold?