Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jailbreak Plan and Discussion

Framing the Fey

For the Jailbreak I think we can use the fey creatures being there as cover for the Jail Break. We can be sure to leave pixie dust behind.

We don the same disguise that Eve did such an amazing job with.

The majority of the nine will be part of the distraction with the dogs. If you are seen out there, you are just trying to help deal with the dogs, maybe even drop the suggestion that the fey must have got them all riled up.

Those of us actually going into the guard post:

I’m going because this was my idea. Bordane are you?

Eden for sure and Griffith. Anyone else?

For entry into the guard post, I suggest a shitload of smokesticks to add to the confusion, limit how much is seen. The guards inside we will hopefully KO and take their keys.

I mentioned last night that I wouldn’t free the fey. On second thought I stick with the original idea and free everyone. We leave pixie dust behind and make our escape

Briar should be flying overhead, when we leave we will follow the route she takes, hopefully leading us away from anyone coming on whatever streets, telling us when to duck for cover etc.

We take the former prisoner to our sometimes flooded beach house for a place to hide and we try to convert him as an ally of our company, providing us with an Oghma worshipper that isn’t one of the sages and whom we have no reason currently to believe has any connection to the Cult of the Dragon.

If converted, we help set him up outside of Waterdeep, explaining a year away is better than 20 in a jail. A year from now he can come back as Cousin Fred.

If not converted we leave him to his own devices (as long as he doesn’t get TOO lippy) and wish him well.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: I am in with this. To Briar, I would say to choose a route with many abrupt turns. Now as to our guest's lodgings, the washed out manor seems best. The mongrel-people will keep to themselves and probably not give any info to the city guard.

Gordzilla said...

James please post the warrants that we have. Both the ones we've already collected on and those remaining. I want to use the jail break as a sell to others nobel families with loved ones with bounties on their head. I think we can point to the discreet arrest that brings no shame to the family name and then the follow up jailbreak to provide ourselves with a nice source of income and lots of political debts to call in.

James said...

Danrly Bladesemmer- Minor Class 4 Crime: Assault (Dock Ward)

Morelming- Serious Class 3 Crime: Tomb Robbery ($$$- Dead)

Farlow Estelmer- Serious Class 2 Crime: Bribery ($$$)

Gahina Nyris- Serious Class 4 Crime: Robbery (whore Bordane ‘knows’)
Thomas- Lesser Class 4 Crime: Assault [wounding](Thug)

DM: Sorry the past few sessions were slow, I plan on putting together a hand out specific to each PC- just some bullet points on what is going around them. It won't be exhaustive but just some review on the manythings going on.

Russ- we will be having a flashback on your return visit to the dungeons under the Gardens. :)