Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Kiss of the Goddess

“Sai Piergeiron, Lords and citizens of Waterdeep presenting the Sultan-Archmage of Volothamp Nairith Irizar.”

String instruments whine and subtle drums echo in the halls of the Palace as Nairith and his procession are led into the Palaver and is first greeted by Madeiron Sunderstone, Piergeiron’s champion. As the music fades into a rhythm more diplomats are ushered in and customarily greet the Calashite leader, among them are; the Blackstaff, Nain Keenwhistler, Malchor Harpell and Maskar Wands. All of which perform the traditional diplomatic greetings like it was second nature. Many anxious citizens are now present to watch the palaver and are hushed in awe.

Sultan Irizar speaks in an a thick Arabian dialect, “Sai Piergeiron, Lords and People of Waterdeep, I come to you with the deepest of apologies and with great regret from the Syl-Pasha, myself and the royal Calim-Navy, and wish to make reparations from the unfortunate error our Navy committed against a ship bearing the crest of Waterdeep. It is my hope that you and your people will see that this gift; The Kiss of the Goddess will be seen as acceptable recompense for your loss.”

There is no protest, none with any voice to it that is. The Waterhavian diplomats stand patiently for what comes next.

“The ‘Goddess’” he continues, “is a gemstone named for Sune, the Goddess of Love, and it has a unique magical power conferred upon anyone touching it when it flares into radiance.” As he says this the gem flares into radiance. Just then Irizar produces a jambiya and proceeds to cut into his arm. The diplomats fly into defensive spellcasting as the Sultan holds aloft the double fisted-sized gem in its hands in a dramatic display he exclaims- “Its healing capabilities are limitless!” No sooner spoken and his bloody cut -from his own hand- is healed. There is a chorus of whispers from the folk who have gathered that express wonder or is it skepticism.

Sai Piergeiron stands, and therefore so does everyone else, crosses his arms to display his radiant pistols (gods it’s like looking into the Sun!) and peers down at the dramatic Sultan, “We are a forgiving people to those who are truly regretful. We see this display as genuine and accept your offering. Please stay as guests of the city until such time as you see fit to return to your home.”

With that, the Sultan of Volothamp solemnly collects his entourage and leaves the Lords to the governing of their forgiving people.


Gordzilla said...

Very cool and by posting on here we avoided saying anything stupid! LOL

James said...

Like that ever stops us. lmao

James said...

Piergeiron, it seems is accepting 'volunteers' to test the effects of the gem. Thus far it works without ill effects although he refuses all requests that it be turned over to the priesthood of Sune or used to heal any who request it, saying sternly that it is still largely an unknown and perhaps dangerous, and that further studies are necessary before he dares use it so. Those on whom it was tested are kept under careful observation.