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1,000 Years of Shar Auvryndar (A Millennium in Prologue)

In the years following the Time of Troubles, the Inquisitor Meaghan continued to guide Shar along the path Mystra had placed before him; first by tasking him with documenting her ascension as goddess of magic, then leading to Shar to recover a lost relic of the North.
When researching for Godsfall: The Time of Troubles Shar and Meagan returned to Waterdeep and eventually to the Wands noble family where he spent years making all the associations, meeting all the witnesses, and visiting all the sacred locations to tell the right story. During this time Shar came to know the Wands family, Maskar, and the early years of Smendric.

Later but while still in Waterdeep, Shar uncovered dragon disciples in the undermountain, a remnant of Karlot’s Cult of the dragon. Led by Narthund, one of the Sages, and with sanction from Neirgral, a deep dragon, these cultists were experiencing a resurgence in strength in Skullport doubling in size in a month. Joining with other adventurers, among them Balder Ironshield, Shar and his companions defeated the cultists, killed the underdark dragon Neirgral, and recovered a lost Samular relic from the Cultists and earned the enmity of an evil ancient intelligent sword.

Therein followed decades of adventure with Smendric Wands, Balder Ironshield, Jerit McCaugh, Myrdden Og, Crentosh, Gulden the Voyager as well as others through the years to find the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords; defeat the vampire Vlad Teppes; bring the sun to a dark continent; reincarnate the woman-centaur who would eventually become Shar’s cohort and finally, earn the title as Mystra’s Chosen and Monitor of Magic.
After the Dawning, Shar and Alicia spent the next several years teaching weights, measurements, and mathematics to many cultures on the Continent, including Alicia’s Centaur city home, acclimating the intelligent races to a night/day cycle of Time where none existed before. But no amount of teaching and service to virtue could take Shar’s mind off of the events over his lifespan.

After the kiss from Mystra that cured the Docma, Shar went into isolation to ponder the questions of the universe, love, and the fragility of life in the context of a universe of planes. The kiss from his goddess left Shar with questions about his purpose and what he felt in his heart as his emotions overfilled with more questions. What was his purpose in life? He had saved a world from eternal darkness and damnation and yet was spared death by his goddess. Why? Was Shar’s purpose somehow unfulfilled? Whatever the future holds; to this day Shar has yet to kiss another.

K’Thoutek was the name of a colossal Inevitable; beheaded thousands of years ago, its metallic head became a comet assuming a three hundred sixty year orbit around Toril’s star. For over five centuries Shar traveled in the comet absorbed in personal reflection, meditation, observation, and craft; monitoring the many worlds and cultures across the planes through the eyes of the Inevitable. Sometimes his surveillance would lead him to worlds to liberate dangerous artifacts or evil intelligent weapons from careless or unknowing possessors. While at other times, leading exceptional individuals down virtuous paths toward their own personal growth and arcane discoveries. On rare occasions Shar would bequeath magic to a worthy spell-caster.

When news of Alicia’s death found Shar he immediately returned to lay her remains to rest and for Mystra to claim her immortal soul. When Shar reached equilibrium within himself he knew it was time to come home to the Realms, recruit a new arcane familiar and cohort, the domed complex and start anew where it was 1,000 years after the Dawning on Terra but only 25 years after the godsfall on Toril.


Shar Auvryndar, Drow Arcanist, Inquisitor, and Monitor of Magic possess a silent stoic pride and otherworldly wisdom as if the truth of the cosmos reflected in his eyes. He is average height for is race and gender but possesses god-like charisma and etiquette; adhering to cultural traditions and ceremony as most situations dictates. Shar has dusky gray-black skin, piercing purple eyes and long silver hair that does little to hide is elven ears.

Traveling from world to world, Shar has adopted a fashion style that comes across as futuristic but is nevertheless tastefully formal. He wears exquisite elven chain mail made by his friend Balder Ironshield and has a magical dancing shield given to him by the Queen of Alaron. Shar’s weapons include a magical adamantine rapier at his left hip, a matching dagger on his right hip, and in his hand an ancient darkwood staff capable of disjoining Shar’s opponents or traveling the him through planes.

At the center of Shar’s mantra is the concept of duality, the universal law that opposing forces are actually complementary that interact to create a cosmic system of balance and symmetry. Over his time on K’Thoutek Shar monitored the stars and constellations and how they obeyed the laws of duality illustrated by pins of light in an ocean of darkness. Life obeys in death; and there would be no sin without virtue.

Shar understands that for good to exist so too must evil because even in the most pious of organizations corruption usually finds a way to take root; greed and envy. The only thing evil needs in order to succeed is for agents for good to do nothing; complacency breeds sloth. Often times Shar is that agent of good, recruited to restore balance.

Shar identifies strongly to the duality of yin-yang in that Shar is himself a being of duality. An individual from darkness and also a bringer of light to a world of darkness; he has championed the living by aiding in the destruction of Vlad Teppes; Shar wat the fire against water, and the virtue against sin.


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