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Tragidore Review 03/04/15 Session 2

Standing in the dark after our victory in the grove we decided to push on, fearing for the well being of those missing.  To the west we could hear strange bagpipes and hounds against a distant backdrop of fire.  To the north we find monstrous humanoid tracks of an unknown origin.  As late as it was, bagpipes, hounds, and fire sounded much better than an unknown monster so we headed west almost immediately walking into the web trap of two giant spiders.  Our numbers and abilities quickly proved too much for the spiders whose traps are set for much less prepared prey. Zadrian attempts to be more careful, moving more slowly and watching for webs.  A strange sound is heard, some of us think it is laughter while others think it is crying.  Following the sounds we find two unique creatures, obviously not of Toril, one laughing and one crying, both quite evil.  

The gray-skinned creature possesses thin legs ending in black cloven hooves, as well as a ferocious, manic grin with a misshapen tail, while a patchwork sheet of dirty ice covered their bodies. They were hidden in a grouping of fallen trees from which we could occasionally hear voices calling out and asking if anyone was there.  Before we could attack the creatures properly the laugher disappeared while the cryer magically appeared in the tree above Cadthronn, its acidic tears sizzle violently as they fall upon Cadthronn and the ground.  The battle proves difficult until we realize the two monsters are summoned creatures and Protection from Evil spells protects us.  We dispatch the summoned creatures but the sounds of the wood grow hypnotic and we ask Arne to track by sound the laughter and tears.  It took an hour of wandering in the dark before we could shake off the charm of sounds and realize we were lost in the forest.  We began to make our way back discovering that we had been searching in circles to the delight of two similar creatures.  Battle ensued only this time we discover that these two are not summoned but lair nearby.  After a long dangerous battle Wendell realizes we have defeated two Lacridaemon, creatures whose exist only to enjoy the suffering of those poor souls lost to neglect and exposure. Upon the Lacridaemon’s defeat the sounds of the wood returned to normal and we could more clearly hear the pained cries of two voices echoing out from a large hollowed out tree.  

Looking inside we find two half-elves thoroughly entangled in roots and branches, hanging upside down.  The roots had them gripped in such a way that should they shake themselves loose they would snap their own necks. After freeing them introductions are made and we realize we have found the missing Knights of Myth Drannor, two half -elf rangers named Delia Navamir and Themian Ailudin.  Searching the area we find the Lacridaemon’s lair and several treasures there: 120gp, (2) +1 Composite Shortbows (+2 Strength), 2 potions cure moderate wounds, Knife of Sacramental Flesh , Rat tread Boots, Mantle of Rage, and Amulet of Deception.  Deciding we need rest we return to the ruins of the abandoned elven settlement where we rest and find a care package of herbs with instructions on their proper use left to us by our new centaur friend Brother Zaganos.  We now realize the good brother has not only Bard talents but Druid ones as well.  After a dream filled fitful sleep we return to Tragidore where the Feast of the Moon is preparing to get into full swing.

We stop by the Trinity Church to reunite Yontryl Amatar with her  missing lost friends Delia and Themian. While at the church we meet Anna Braxton an Acolyte of Velsharoon who is caring for 5 books on the Velsharoon altar, Book of Planar Writings # 37, Key of Irithlium #78, Shield of Vladik #50, Liber Praevalida #87, Tome of Amulets #75, as well as a weapon, a large sized flail named fiend slayer which we believe is a weapon of legacy.  

We pass the Gentleman’s Mage wanting a quick look at this place up for auction.  To our shock and surprise two ghostly images appear of the father and son Mann, their haunt causing one of our party to attack the other before shaking off the charm and gathering their senses.  Zadrian decides after this occurance to check around behind the Gentleman’s mage only to discover the beautiful Noblewoman Aurora Tenloss looking through the windows in back.  Introductions are made and we discover that many of the townsfolk are aware of the haunt, something that has occurred since Riger Mann killed his own father Tolgar.  Zadrian wondered at the idea of a haunt occurring when the son was still alive and sitting in Swift Prison.  It concerned Zadrian that everyone seemed so nonchalant regarding a haunt in their city and no one had bothered to look into whether the son had been under a magical influence when he killed his old Mann.  Aurora gave us her invitation to the grand opening of her Consortium, a shop that Yontryl expressed grave concerns over fearing it was one of many places to traffic in the trade of recovered treasures of Myth Drannor.  

Leaving the back of the Gentleman’s Mage it is agreed that we would head to the Temple of the Gauntleted Fist to return to the worshippers of Torm & Shaundakul some of the lost items recovered from the Hanging Man in Gallows Grove.  Along the way we run into a sister and brother that appear to be fighting over an unnamed woman.  We are taken aback at the ferocity of their anger and interject ourselves fearing they suffer from a similar haunt like what we encountered at the Gentleman’s Mage.  We meet the sister Regine and brother Cris Rolst and despite our initial efforts we are unable to break their anger until Zadrian suggest that he heard the local constable speaking in loving terms of the unnamed woman as well.  When the two break apart Zadrian follows Regine until she enters The Sword Point Inn where he breaks off and heads for The Temple of the Gauntleted Fist.  

The party is introduced to Sir Delmar Truesword.  He is thrilled to have the chest and items returned to the church explaining that the items were thought lost forever after being stolen during The Time of Troubles by three heretics.  After we explain where the items were recovered Sir Delmar indicates that the hanging man is one of the three heretics and warns us that the other two must remain out there somewhere. When we bring up the haunt that we experienced at the Gentleman’s mage Sir Delmar writes off that side of town as being haunted since The Time of Troubles.  Sir Delmar thanked you and explained that during the godsfall three clerics turned heretics and ventured out taking with them the chest and cups. You have seemed to have encountered one of them. He gives you an arcane spellbook that came into their possession, it seemed appropriate that your group should have it as a reward.

Returning to Trinity church you find the temple clerics at rest while, Gideon and Anna Pimm are awake; Gideon writing at his podium (gives a scroll to Alan) and Anna teaching Ariel meditation techniques.  Also in attendance are the Knights united once more. Zadrian and Anna Pimm share a moment in concern for the little girl as the others check back with Yontryl we find her and her two newly recovered friends believe the unknown tower on the book is in fact the Irithlium. They mark the dangers of the Key of Irithlium for they believe the local Cult of the Dragon in service to Dragon DagaRonzie seeks the secrets in the tower.  Yontryl suggests finding a designee as a tome-bearer. Wendell requests that we no longer even say the name of the cult as it has an adverse effect on him. Suggestions are made but decisions are tabled for later and our party decides to walk the town on this day of the Feast.  We pick up next week leaving the temple and heading back into Tragidore to experience more of the Feast of the Moon


James Caruso said...

Thank you for your time Troy! Edits are in italics.

Is it Wednesday yet?

Russell McConnell said...

I believe our next steps were.

#1 Visit Riger Mann in prison. try to get any info from him about killing his father.

#2 Try to see if we can get a meeting with the major, find out WTF is going on.

#3 Hit the auction at the Gentlemans Mage
pick up some sweet deals.

Gordzilla said...

Picture I used for Sir Delmar is Victor French if you need to search for any others

James Caruso said...

Very nice TY

James Caruso said...

The picture I used for Delia Navamir was some random cosplay cutie. ;)