Monday, March 30, 2015

03/25/15 Tragidore: Session 5 The Sustenance of the Susurrant Sisters

After our meeting with the alluring Aurora we rest up for a morning departure when we plan to recover the Tenloss Consortium’s lost wares. The night’s rest does not come easy for those who undertook the recovery of the Nether Scrolls during the Time of Troubles.  All five suffer nightmare remembrances of the year lost. The Tragidore Five (The Nether Scroll Battalion? The Scroll Battalion? The Army of Five? Bloodrager and Four little spellcasters?) stop at Trinity Church before leaving the city.  Rantal Gundwynd approaches the group drawing them near Azuth’s altar while Gideon silently pulls Zadrian aside, handing him a scroll, an alternate spell Magic Mace (110 spell variants).  Gideon has yet to speak, seemingly mute, but a communication is made between Zadrain to Gideon whose facial expressions were appreciative.  

Rantal was able to get all five’s attention, pointing out the need to protect all the items that had been recovered and sitting in Trinity Church. Underscoring that need was the arrival of The Knights of Myth Drannor who convince Rantal of their need to protect the Key of Irithlium, taking it with them on their return to the fallen elven city.  Cadthronn and Alan ask about the possibility of getting the Knights help should we find ourselves in the fabled ruin. The response received was less than enthusiastic, only a warning to stay away from the dangers there. 
Rantal Gundwynd

After the Knights leave, Rantal reveals to The Five that he possesses a tiny vial of the fallen Eldath's blood that he scraped together from the site of Talona and Eldath’s battle. Not believing he could protect it, Rantal handed the vial over to Zadrian who places it in his Haversack. After dealing with those issues, Zadrian next spoke with Anna Pimm regarding the child Midnight’s condition.  Anna provided 2250 in gold she had saved to Zadrian asking him to acquire items that could protect the young woman/ Zadrian agreed but implored Anna to work at acquiring some small games and entertainment for the Spellfire gifted child. While this conversation was taking place Peitra Damiken arrived with warnings that Daggerdale had fallen under the complete control of the Zhentarium.  Knowing looks pass between the Tragidore Five, an unspoken suspicion that Peitra was most probably a Harper, words remain guarded until she leaves. Minutes feeling like hours, Arne complains that we need to hit the road, he is anxious for gold not talk and the Five depart.  Leaving town through the north gate, Bosbelly Meet one of Carin Taber's Governor's, advises that the way through north forest is clear.

A hunk of Flaming Elkvis
We travel the road spotting smoke rising from the abandoned village where we encounter a flaming elk-like creature that attacks us on sight. Arne with great-sword and Alan with spell fell the beast allowing us to recover its heart and stomach (6HD).
After the short battle we continue on arriving at a crossroad, which we take west to the River.  Zadrain scouted ahead when they neared the river and lead the group in such a manner as to avoid detection from the strange monstrous humanoids across the river.  Traveling two hours north along the river the lands raise some thirty to thirty five feat above our side of the river creating a Cliffside.  A copse of trees hides the target of our search the five Harpy Sisters who have stolen and harassed those merchants attempting to take the wares to Tragidore. The Harpys songs prove quite dangerous by charming Arne, Cadthronn, and Zadrian, somehow convincing them to begin walking the hundred and fifty feet to the cliff’s edge and certain harm.  The two clear headed spellcasters acted quickly, Wendell administering a magical potion of feather fall to Arne while Alan cast a unique web wall to prevent his ensorcelled companions from walking off the cliff.  A dangerous battle ensued before the Tragidore five could proclaim victory and to the victors go the spoils.  The Five returned to Tragidore having used magic to reduce the weight of the recovered objects, immediately delivering to Aurora the lost delivery of the Tenloss Consortium, The Five were barely slowed in their return trip home, only encountering and defeating the monstrous humanoids that were spotted on the journey north. The creatures were revealed to be Caliban, the monsters lay a simple ambush but were quickly defeated. Zadrian promised Aurora the details of their adventures over dinner and was overjoyed with her acceptance of his offer.


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