Thursday, March 12, 2015

Moander's Darkbringer

Losifan Urdo
The Darkbringer stared at his agent Losifan Urdo and had him repeat his information but in different order than the little sneak had told him before, cross-checking everything.  There would always be errors which of course terrified minions like Losifan, lies however were tougher to maintain when studied from various angles. 
Satisfied that Losifan was telling the truth about returned noblemen in Tragidore the Anti-paladin Darkbringer formerly known as Tyrinon Cassalanter decided to spare Losifan anymore discomfort, “return to your duties with Tragidore’s mayor and keep me appraised of anything else they have you translate. As for these newly returned noblemen keep a diary of everything you hear about them but do not engage them.  Another bearing Moander’s symbol will come to collect the diary in a few weeks and his arrival is certain to be under the cover of darkness. Hail Moander


Gordzilla said...

I hope this was ok

James Caruso said...

Absolutely. btw I'm getting in the habit now of having the name in the photo caption. :)