Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tragidore: The Pacts of Men

The largest painting in the Raiserik house was one artist’s expression of the fateful promise a man made to an elven maiden generations ago. The brilliant painting showed a silver dragon battling in the sky against grey shadows; in the background siege engines exchanged artillery with dark giants; and in the foreground, the man and the elven woman. On the left was the man, a blonde war-mage holding the banner of his house, the Resplendent Wyvern. The war-mage was battle worn, bloody but regal and true, and stood leading the war-torn humans behind him. In his other hand, a perfect rose extended lovingly to the elven maiden. She was white-haired, determined, and competent. She too bore battle wounds like crimson streaks that stained her brilliance. The elven maiden carried a curved blade while the other hand was extended to the war-mage; tears swam in her eyes. She also seemed to lead her weeping kin behind her. The painting depicted the origins of the Raiserik house and its moon-elven bloodline.
Holgast Raiserik

The Pact hung in the Raiserik family parlor as well as many as many other relics from the Weeping War; conversational pieces that inspire virtuous tales of times long past. Weapons hung on the walls with names such as Orc-splitter and Goblin-chaser as well as broken staves that serve as memorials to fallen Raiserik spell-casters. The painting was the light to the darkness that lay behind it; known by only a few is a stairway to a workroom worthy of nightmares.

Two months ago...

Offensive odors hung lazily in the dark workroom as Holgast Raiserik stood from the alchemy workstation he called Rosemary leaving behind bubbling flasks of angry liquids and walked to the moaning humanoid creature lying restrained on the table a few feet away. Holgast’s workroom was dimly lit in most places casting long shadows that hid Holgath’s vile experiments, except where Holgast was working however; an ioun stone diligently shed light following Holgast with an eerie intelligence. Shadows stretched out from Juniper, another worktable, where Holgast’s greatest discovery awaits the final hours.
Verdana Raiserik
The creature on the table, called the flowerbed, claimed to be Verdana Raiserik, but everyone knew that all the clerics of Mystra died at the beginning of the godsfall and yet here she claims to be. Holgast still fascinated, removed the needle from Verdana’s scaled arm being careful not to cut himself on her sharp spines. Having drawn enough blood he returned to Rosemary. As Holgast added Verdana’s blood together with a green agent the compound it instantly attained the desired result. His eyes blazed with purpose, behind Holgast Verdana shifted weakly in her restraints as if in protest to Holgast’s twisted processes.

Holgast documented Verdana’s change and noted while she may have her soul- her reincarnated physical features were fascinatingly consistent with…

From the darkness emerged Atacan, Holgast’s bold familiar. “Master, it may please you to know you have a visitor.” The pseudo – dragon said flying in landing on Rosemary fluttering its wings proudly.


An hour later Holgast sat in the parlor regarding the caller, outside Holgast could easily hear the High Harvest Tide celebration was in full splendor though the tall open doors. Raiserik tower still held it’s once utilitarian functionality but has been over the centuries remade into its current form. The caller’s name was Handragath an archaeologist and loremaster known for gathering several divine aspects during the godsfall; he was just the man Holgast needed.
“I want you to lead the excavation team.” Holgast said at length. After speaking for the better part of an hour as Holgast let the anticipation build for the archaeologist. Holgast however was not keen to acknowledge Handragath’s value in this endeavor and wanted him to believe Holgast was entertaining other personages.

Holgast handed a well-worn notebook to Handragath. “What is this?” Handragath asked taking the small tome.

It is called Lorestealer, crafted by Drendar Wands during the twilight years of the Weeping War.” Holgast said motioning to a marked page that held an illustration of the weapon. “Aside from its untapped potential, it successfully marries divine as well as arcane magic in one weapon of legacy.”

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