Friday, April 4, 2014

Review (04/02/2014)

Our session began with our assault on the Illithids who were herding dwarves below the upside warehouse and presumably through the portal and the planar marketplace. Once the battle began we discovered other opponents including a sizable and tough horned-snake creature, perhaps the buyer of the hapless dwarves. Our surprise netted four dead mind flayers, hoard-building treasure, and forty-nine rescued dwarves.

Escorting the dwarves to Rockhammer we encounter a platoon tasked with looking for two missing units. These forty-nine being one, and the other group likely lost to an unknown fate beyond the portal. We also ensure the fiftieth's body was returned with the survivors.

After doing the dwarves a solid we return to the Cinder Block and our lair. Versel and Durg catch up on their beauty sleep while Auge pens messages to be sent out in the morning. Jaren learns a new Truename spell and begins magically rearranging the lair using stone shape.

Sunday. Auge meets with Hanan to politely remind him who he works for; get him to deliver messages from Kiton to Claret at the Cinder Block; and to implant a story of being reclusive for the next two weeks to a month. Hanan is to be our eyes on the lifts as well to report anything unusual.

Later Auge meets with Torgar to inform of his 'busy' schedule for the next few weeks and eventually asks about the remaining upside guildmaster scrolls. Torgar explains Dagmar the dwarf and Myles, an upstart halfling, control the remaining scrolls and guildmaster status. These two meetings are the start of gaining more power in the LC.

Auge crafts Versel's eternal barkskin wand but the rest of the day passes uneventful.

Monday. Meetings with Darsoon and Obryn. The dwarf Obryn knew more about the Continent than the islands, however he did say that the volcanic island chain was an empire of volcano dwarves. Between the islands and the Continent was the Steam Sea (later presumed to be part of Mother's domain). He provided information on where certain cultures of dwarves are in relation to the Dark Continent but did add that the dwarves do not go south of their empire because of the walking elves. Their capitol island is beyond wealthy because of their trade in metals and magic. No mention of dragons until we asked.

Later that day at the Dragon's Run we find Darsoon who was refereed to Jaren by his Black Crown affiliates. Starting by describing walking elves as long lived nomads intent on racial survival by forming sustaining communities of their kind and moving on to begin the process anew. Darsoon is from the Continent where he says lie elven city-states below the island chain line. These elves do not particularly war with the dwarves, but their river elf cousins in the north do. He supplies a rough map but admits his memory and information at the time is over one hundred and fifty years old.

6 pm. Lair. Communing with mother we learn a little more about where she is geographically and what we are to do once we get there. While we don't have all the details we will hopefully bring the walking elves and dwarves into combat with each other in order for us to eliminate the victor before they can celebrate.

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