Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gimme three steps...

Jaren - CL 12.  Save DC 21 + level of spell
       1. Quickened Truestrike (swift) ; orb of force 10d6 + 3 pts rgd  touch +12(standard) ; drink barkskin potion AC 39  touch 18  flat foot 34
       2. Dimensional anchor or Dispel magic (+14) ; use a gr. dimension door use to travel about
       3. You can use step 2 up to three times for each spell, I have about 13 rounds of dim. door left.
       4. I have 2 locate object spells, a quickened teleport, and a black tentacles spell prepared.
That should give several rounds of options for Auge to pair up and select from.

Sarosh - CL 12.  Save DC 16 + level of spell
      Sarosh still is two combat rounds away from entering. He prefers to take the shape of a large air elemental in combat as he can still cast spells and be fast enough to keep up with all of us in that form. When he does arrive he has 2 death ward spells prepared and a cure crit wounds. Use what you need the most.
 I hope this helps a bit guys.

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