Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vercel sat silently in his Cinder block office. He admired the craftsmanship of the carpenters his brother had hired. His solid oaken door was heavy and well stained. It sealed tight against the frame to prevent even the tiniest bit of light from penetrating the room. He enjoyed the darkness; he found it easier to clear his mind vs. the distractions brought about by the light. Though he wondered if it was more the noise that bothered him. Most creatures that dwell in darkness were naturally silent. His thoughts ran back to his twilight house days. How quiet that drow always was, never heard him coming. Even the derro was always as quiet as he could be, though I bet that was out of fear. I know Rakshasa’s can see in darkness, & I bet they are pretty sneaky when they need to be. What about Dwarves? Once again they seem to go against all logic with their heavy armor and large metal weapons. Probably hear them coming for miles underground. No wonder so many of them moved here.
A quick rap outside brought his focus back to the door. He reached to light the small candle on his desk, why? This was his last meeting for the day, & should be his last before leaving for the aisles. Standing he bid enter
Kalaris opened the door slowly. She had never been to this office and was not entirely sure why she was here. The only light in the room was that which was coming through the door behind her. Not that the drow minded, with her chosen profession the darkness was a boon. Her white pupilless eyes were ask keen with or without the presence of light.
“Please enter have a seat” Vercel approached her clawed hand extended. “I thought today went well the teachers all seemed receptive to the techniques we presented. Would you agree”?

 “Yes” she said, still wondering why the dragon man had summoned her here. “Though some look to be quicker studies than others”.  Looking around she couldn't help but noticed the lack of decoration. A large oaken desk sat in the center of the room. Two chairs one oversize to accommodate his broad size.  A small unlit candle & a book on the desk were the only other items present. She had been around these brothers long enough to know they loved there wealth. The decorations throughout the cinder block & neutral grounds proved that. For his personal office to be bare seemed out of place.

“Agreed, but I notice that seems to be the tendencies with lessor races especially humans. Just when you think you find something they can do, one of them lets you down”.
Kalaris smiled. She knew Vercel would never make a comment like that outside these walls. Calling humans a lessor race would be very detrimental to his political career. Though she wondered who all he considered a “lessor” race. 

“Enough with the chit chat, on to business”. Vercel reached into the top desk drawer and produced a fist full of scrolls & a sack of coins. “You may have noticed the extra security around our place. Here as well as Sunbow have received an influx of troops. I have also arranged for you to have more security at the schools as well. The arrangement I made with Samson Dragonsbane will allow for extra swords at the school in exchange for training. This is in preparation of a “business trip” my brothers & I will be making. I am leaving you in charge of watching the school as well as Sunbow. 

Kalaris sat stunned. “I have so many questions I am not sure where to begin”?

“You will be fine” Vercel grinned. “You are a natural born leader, even though up until now you worked alone. Listen regarding lessons at the school, identify the best teachers. Start with this Lazzot, he at least had the guts to speak his opinions to me publicly. These scrolls contain the basis of our principles, as well as some beginning techniques you may not be familiar with. Train the best teachers, let them train the others. I have already spoken with Larratia Pauchard, when you are ready she will work with you regarding the business side of the school. She can handle the finances & any paperwork that may be necessary.  She has a head for business & has done a wonderful job for us here. This is 5,000 GP Use it to improve conditions in the school, upgrades on equipment, teachers whatever you need. You may use Claret as a liaison if you feel like there is resistance when dealing with anyone outside our influence. I understand racial barricades can be difficult to overcome. I would like to see Claret take an active role in the school, though I am not sure to what end his talents lie. Perhaps his spell casting abilities will prove useful? If nothing else training him to be an efficient protector for his sister should motivate him”. Last time the block was attacked he was killed, well the time before last technically.
“And lastly if you have trouble that you can’t handle contact Arkiell. I know you have grown close these last few weeks. It pleases me that his interest regarding your safety has become a priority. I am sure he is willing to hang around as much as you would allow it”. Vercel pulled the last item from his desk. This is a gift my dear, from the Sons of Nissian. It matches the one we gave to Arkiell, may it protect you in our absence.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have some reading to do for our trip.

Versel escorted her to the door so quickly Kalaris didn't even have a chance to ask a single question. Oh and one last thing dear, stay out of the drift downs. 

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