Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Securing the Docks (Auge)

 "Here, hopefully you'll be easier to understand," said Durg with finality.

Auge heard his brother’s scornful tone from inside the guild office and could not help when flame escaped his lips; a titter that could only be achieved by one with reptilian blood in their veins.

Auge was relishing their rise to prestige as of late; his acquisition of the Dragon/Greed Ring of Sustenance has given him a new perspective on Stormhaven. With a reduced need for rest and recovery Auge could therefore be privy to more activities both in the Cinder Block and outside resulting in more opportunity for business.

Bzzz Bzzzzzz, Bzzzzzz Bzz bz…Inside the guild office Auge took the tattoo needle and dipped it into the ink reservoir allowing the gun to take in the ink, then looked at Kiton with an unspoken Ready? Kiton grunted.

Auge tested the consistency of the ink and began tattooing Kiton’s strong arm. Bzzzzzz Bzz bz…                                                                                                                                                          
“Kiton,” Auge said as he worked the scarlet ink into his hireling's skin.

“Yes boss.” Kiton said without the usual inflection of a question, the higher tone at the end of an interrogative. It was impediment to conversing with the creature, but Ague had more patience than others.

Bzzzz Bzz bzzz… “Kiton, work is going to keep me occupied on the Upside for two weeks- possibly as long as a month.” Auge said vaguely.

Kiton said nothing only looked at his master with absolute understanding and obedience. Auge was comforted, so many of their followers- particularly those hirelings under his bailiwick, who may or may not have fallen under the influence of Claustrum.

“When I am finished with my work the Sons of Nissian will unquestionably be the dragon’s on the peak! or in the human vernacular ‘kings of the hill.’ Kiton grunted. Bzzz Bzzzzzz…

The sound of waves filled the spaces between the buzz of thick outlines and burning color along with the dock side bustle of industry and trade.

“Thanks to my brother Jaren, trade is flowing unimpeded into Stormhaven making the rare more common
and the extreme exotic contrivances must now become rarities. I want you to watch the docks for me and report upon these exotic imports. I want as much foreknowledge of any imports and rival competition that has the potential to impact our business on the Upside.” Auge said confidingly raising Kiton’s morale when in fact it was sound business strategy.

“Henceforth you are my LC viceroy in the Dragon docks,” Auge said then breathed a gout of flame upon the finished magical tattoo. The flame singed Kiton’s hair causing him to grimace in pain. "I am leaving you some rarities to use as you purchase your information or as you see fit; you will send messages through Hanan Al’Sharif who will make regular checks of the Dragon docks." 

They say pride comes before the fall; Auge believed the fall comes when ambitions are failed to be acted upon. 

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