Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review (04/09/14)

Our session began with Auge, Jaren, Durg and Versel discussing possible strategies in infiltrating the VanFleet Estate and replacing the usurping rakshashas with our own allies. Several ideas were tabled until one plan coalesced into something we all agreed upon. 
  • Jaren itemizes three dispel magic alchemist bombs into a square sheet of cloth.
  • The cloth is then rolled up into a message addressed to Roland VanFleet.
  • The message appears to be from Twilight house informing the addressee of new monstrous specimens for VanFleet consideration.
  • Message to be delivered with the 8AM business.
  • The message is armed with a magic mouth that will alert us to the messages’ opening and the discharge of three dispel magics (CL13).
  • When the magic mouth is heard, we enter through a second floor balcony.
  • As this occurs, Nefertiti Xanthippe and Adalwin Joscelin move against Gretchen VanFleet.
  • And Arkiel with Hislop attack as a second wave behind us at his discretion.

During the day we also begin packing our hoard in the case of a hasty retreat from Stormhaven. Later that day we receive messages and guests to the Cinder Block.

Kalaris reports that she is being harassed by Dorger Rockhammer, the dwarven investigator. Versel arranges to have the dwarf relieved of duty with payment. 

Lifters report of Mind Flayer activity in and around the dire docks (closest to the old Driftdowns.)

Visitors included Cadmar Embry for a casual meal and drink; and Darsoon who delivered his crude map of the Dark Continent’s eastern shore. He offers names of two navigators who could answer nautical questions and warns of magic-dead pools in the straights between the volcanic island chain and the mainland making magically assisted travel difficult. Furthermore scrying in the area is problematic because of the heat waves and heavy smoke common to the area.

Versel raised some questions on the elves of the area and learned of five old elf tribes before the cataclysm, now it is just the elder led elf clans of the north (who are aggressive to non-elf culture) and the Walking elves of the South (relative new comers to the world).

6pm We travel via the lifts to the dire docks and rumors of mind flayers. Arriving at the Dragon Dock guild office we meet with Vormite where he says a large battle occurred between mind flayers and Navy sailors. While he is still gathering intel he says the Navy guys were taken to the old Driftdowns and that many pursuers were repelled by a mental barrier. Each of the Navy sailors taken was a part of the new battleship crew.
Versel flies to the Driftdowns investigate when the SquidSeeker perilously indicates several aberrations ahead and below. Undaunted, Versel flies ahead to find a criminal safe house overrun by aberrations and their thralls; he waits for us to catch up. When the rest of us arrive we find the safe house issuing forth vile undead that begin to spread out into the streets hungry for warm blood.

Using this as an opportunity to practice our VanFleet tactics we enter through the top (4th) floor where we detect one sailor (or rather his watermark) and several others at other floors (6 on the main floor, 3 on the second, and again just 1 the fourth).

As we approach we see there are 4 mind-controlled criminal thralls taking watch, just as a red flash of light pulses and outlines our invisible forms; Jaren then transports us inside where we find a horrific scene.

A vampiric octo-mind flayer is consuming a sailor as two other dead forms lie nearby on the floor. As the battle ensues an undead far-something grey render comes cool-aid man straight for Jaren.

After some tense rounds we prevail and decide to continue our assault on the main floor which is where we begin next week.

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