Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wild Elves

The mercenary knew his chances were slim when fled the losing battle, blindly charging from the circle into the trees…into their trees.  He could hear the sounds of death behind him, the horrible whistling sound of their blades soon followed by a the gurgling rasp of another dying soldier. The mercenary’s plan was simple, run until he came across the Sea’s Tears, dive into the raging river waters and allow the river to take him away from this ill fated battle.  A rough, quick jerk, a tightening around his neck, the invisible noose grew taught, jerking the fleeing warrior from his running charge, his momentum hurling him backwards from the taught rope of vine, snapping his neck and killing the mercenary instantly.  

Silently scurrying from the tree, the childling elf was torn between mortification and awe at the performance of his noose trap.  Several of the dragon’s warriors had been slain by his death slings. Kareb knew his father would be proud, however the young elf, a genius engineer, had not thought his traps would be so lethal and knew that his mother would hold her warlord husband responsible.   

Fairagel stayed hidden above in the trees, watching her half-brother Kareb inspect his designs.  So brilliant but so young and naive, she was slowly guiding and exposing him to the results and applications of his creations. 
Her father had ordered her to protect her brother as they advanced upon the enemies mercenary forces. For as long as the wild elves warred, Fairagel would use this time to free her young half brother from her stepmother’s religious influences.  How she despised Kareb’s mother, a philosopher of inaction and judgment. 

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