Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review (04/16/2014)

Before continuing with the undead mind flayer eviction in the Driftdowns we began the session with a look into the Council of the Pale Kiss. The Pale Kiss is make up of lawful devils and Rakshasha’s of the Miser House presided over by Belial Lord of the 4th and Father of Horrors.

Gretchen VanFleet, the last original VanFleet, appearing in front of a Pale Kiss hearing comes to ask for leave and assistance in searching for the five lost Rakshasha’s to discern their fate and to learn of their attackers (Roland VanFleet, Dekkar, Cadence, Omis and Lizel). We were among these hearing members. The hearing was accompanied with much procedure and truename descriptions as the Council members rose to speak, table questions, and delay actions to future councils.

She is 540 years in to a 1,000 year pact that supplies her with immortality, aid of the Misers, and hopefully membership into the Pale Kiss. In return she would sacrifice Stormhaven to Belial where it would expand and empower his level of hell.

The human Gretchen VanFleet has achieved all her goals thus far, save for the final sacrifice; while this is the first infraction from an outside influence it nevertheless outreaches the terms of the pact. Discourse waxed and waned from shortening the contract; delivering Stormhaven sooner; to wholesale renegotiation.

Questions were raised about the red attackers but since they could not be scryed upon it did not prove a promising route of investigating, they were likely pacted to another devil. (Tiamat)

After hours, days or weeks of hell time it was agreed that the Pale Kiss would help her in finding the lost five and renew her pact for another 1,000 years in return for unrestricted access to her portal(s), the sacrifice Stormhaven in 460 years, and deliverance to the Father of Horrors Kaer Maga in 1,000 years.

This generated lots of interest in the Council. Also part of the pact included one of the Ancients (the Aboleth) in the sacrifice. Other Ancients known about Stormhaven: the Architect (Nissian); the Keeper agent of H.E.L.L., saved by Nissian during the dawning of this world; and the Timeless (Tharymor the Time Dragon).

The pact was thereby amended.

Meanwhile the Sons of Nissian kicked Octopin ass, wingotaurs, and saved six navy men delivering them to their top brass. While there we cautioned them on why these men were targeted: for their knowledge of the new battleships.

After this we returned to the upside where we noticed combat near the Red Keep involving some of the exotic flying pachyderms we've seen before. Promptly ignoring that we return to the Cinder Block to get some rest before our raid on the VanFleet estate in the morning.

We begin next game session on Wednesday at 9am. 

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