Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review (5/11/2011)

8am. Sunday the weather had reached a level of normalcy allowing us to see more the condition and activity of the city. Pockets of raptorians are waging war on key points in the city. It seems that every noble house has suffered during the Upside wars; the Sunbow mansion radiates strong magical power and battles continue to be fought in the Fox Run area.

Making preparations against the frost giants we also gather information on these woolly dire-elephants that also fly. A name that comes up is Hanan Al’Sharif and come to find out he is at the Tower of Beasts. We make for the Staircase Keep and Socordia, the black dragon of sloth.

Once there we see scores of individuals who are enthralled by her power. The signs of battle are still fresh along the battlements and pathways of the Keep; no one is motivated to repair any damage or remove bodies of the fallen. Socordia is seen with her serpentine body at rest within the cathedral of the Keep. We announce our presence and offer her respect, gratitude, and congratulations. Possessed of great ego, Socordia delights us with her condescending lecture of her greatness. Truly she is worthy of title as the Stairs are now her domain. We make our request at seeing Hanan. Socordia agrees to a boon that she will release her prisoner (along with his dire bats) and we agree to spread the tidings of her title. (She also considers recognizing the Cinder Block as our domain).

After the exchange we see to healing Hanan’s wounds and his dire bats, and take him back to the Cinder Block where we convince him to work for us as a stablemaster. He was agreeable. Hanan explained that he was swept up in the combat and was captured. He did commend his captors in that they brought harm to no animal. Furthermore, Hanan clarifies the dire elephants were a gift arranged by Roland VanFleet, Parliament council for the Money Changers Guild. Of the two dozen, six were VanFleet gifts all delivered magically by frost giants. Assembling what bards we could find that supply a couple of wands to our cause: wand of silence and cure light wounds.

As we are walking out the door we are approached by Enerda, an Underwriter, who has a proposal that comes from “the highest level of the Underwriter’s Guild”. Durg laughs. Vercel points out: “They must be losing.” Enerda explains that they need a wild card to sway the fight in their favor: “… to bring great harm to the enemy.” There is a Bank in the Rat’s Nest that is under attack by adventuring types as well as raptorians. After great consideration we agree to help but it mayhap was not what they were expecting. Assembling our best assets in the form of Arkeil, Egil, The white Spider, a gnome-thief, the troll Hislop and four gnolls; they will deal with the problem. Enerda guarantees us fifty thousand gold towards a Neighborhood Improvement Fund as well a watermark tags from the Underwriters. Excellent.

10 am. We fly over the Worthy Gate and see that the Edana estate remains encased in a great ice palace. We can see the dire elephants, frost giants and a lone dire elephant flyer in the sky with one giant rider as well as a mind flayer; known in some brain collectives as FlavaFlayer. Beginning our assault by silencing the dire mount, we visited death upon the giant; Vercel succeeded in stunning FlavaFlayer, but he/it magically vanished.

We ended the night 120 feet away from three giants that has just launched a volley of stones at us.

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