Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sorcerers call upon the Eon

Dinadan sat just outside the delicately formed magic circle, a special magic circle called a Grace. Every muscle tensed and every breath measured. The words of calling came easy and willingly. Blue-white smoke began to fill within the confines of the Grace- then a thunderous lightening crash and as suddenly as that, a grand and powerful Genie Pasha stood smug and with distain before Dinadan. Being a patron-sorcerer, Dinadan was regarded as being of truest of the elemental blood lines, and he returned with a hard look of his own. Coliar-Akadi was its name, one of four noble Genie Pashas who were being employed to create a great magic for the elemental- blooded Sorcerers.

“One of your cohorts, Dinadan of the Grall, is conspiring against your efforts.” The Genie Pasha’s distain turns ever more malicious its physical form half smoke and the other half a large shifting attractive humanoid.

“How do you come to know this, oh emanate and noble one?” Said Dinadan in an even and level tone though equal in authority.

“Elsewhere, other Sorcerers around Athalantar who hold similar palaver with the other noble Genie Pashas.” Now Coliar-Akadi’s form seems larger than ever still within the Grace. “Pasha Chandos-Grumbar, possessed of earthen might, is not fortunately in possession of high intellect and let slide that Dagsumn Gorsomm would ultimately have your Ring of Elemental Command for himself.”

A cold shadow crept across and into the room; shuddering thunder again peels around the cities many towers as it begins to rain. Dinadan pondered briefly for what seems like a long time then asks the noble elemental, “What of the Elemental Well? The well needs to be realized first before the forging of the four rings can commence. Surely he would not interfere it the making of the well.”
Coliar-Akadi slowly shakes head in a most human response as a negative and then offer the human sorcerer a warning: “The Pashas are not patient by any definition in any language, and if the Sorcerers of Athalantar cannot overcome their incessant petty feuds or power seizures, we shall raise these lands and visit them into ruin and bury evidence of your existence for eons.”

“I ken very well noble genie,” Dinadan slowly begins the somatic gestures to gather magical energies necessary to open a gate to the elemental planes. Coliar-Akadi awaits in murderous anticipation, humans are so malleable.

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