Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unto The Breach

Wearied from his last battle, the wizard used a ring on his left hand to open a doorway into an extradimensional space he'd created years before, and entered, closing the doorway behind him. Sinking onto a divan, he closed his eyes and slept for several hours. After waking, he studied the tomes he stored here, breaking his fast on dried fish and water.
Fully awake and refreshed, he opened the doorway back into the chamber, cast a spell and stepped out into midair. With a careless wave of his hand, he closed the doorway and rotated his body, laying full out beneath the glowing sigils. Studying the archaic symbols, he cracked his knuckles and touched each sigil, speaking the name under his breath. He waited a few moments, and then heard the grating sound of the stone doorway opening. Slowly floating up through the opening, his eyes roving around as he again cast his invisible light spell. He rose through to the next floor. He stepped over the lip of the opening, his gaze moving over the broken mosaic tiles on the floor to the pedestal on which held a large book, a book he'd only heard about in the most exclusive libraries. By reading this book, he could gain all the knowledge and insight he'd normally gain in a year's time. This was one of the treasures he'd come here for, his goal within his reach.
As he approached the pedestal cautiously, every sense was strained to detect anything wrong or out of the ordinary. His gaze passed over the floor, he noticed pebbles vibrating across the floor.
He looked up and around, not seeing the source of the disturbance. Thinking fast, he threw up a globe around him, created by force. Thus protected, he then produced a small vial of oil. Dipping his finger into the oil, he touched both closed eyelids. Opening his eyes, he saw anything that was hidden or invisible. What he saw made him narrow his eyes in determination.
Moving up on him, magically silenced and invisible, was an enormous earth elemental. And not just any elemental, but judging by the gemstones embedded in what passed for it's head, this was a prince among his kind. The mage had bested one of these creatures before, on the desolate wastes of Urshurak, but it very nearly killed him. The creature began to hammer at the dome, the wizard slipped a ring from a pouch and onto a finger on his right hand. He then cast another spell, one that would add to his normal speed. Ready, he dropped the globe. The earth elemental's eyes narrowed suspisciously, it cautiously poked a finger in the empty air. Feeling no resistance, the creature reared back with a mighty fist. As the massive boulder-sized appendage swung forward, the mage cast a spell and was instantly behind the prince. Withdrawing a costly scroll, he rattled off the words to the incantation and pointed at the animated mound of rock and earth before him. His aim aided by the newly worn ring, a sickly greenish beam leapt from his finger and touched the creature. Struck by the ray, the elemental reared back in pain, it's maw open in a silent scream. The green glow enveloped the creature and then ate away at the prince's physical form until nothing was left but dust. Wiping the ash that was on his fingers, all that remained of the scroll of disentigration, onto his robes, the mage turned his eyes once more around the room, again resting on the tome.
One prize down, sneered the mage.

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