Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Nameless Wizard

“Brann Ansikt Skapningen”

The wizard spoke the ancient words he had learned in a library very far from here, the chamber began shaking with magical energies. The book on the pedestal flew open and the mage knew at long last, what he had sought for so many years was his. The Libram Silver Magicka was rumored to hold everything from proper magical curses such as Lycanthropy to the True Names of various planar and elemental creatures, along with ancient magical methodologies. Its greatest value came in the magic that ensorcelled the book; if you knew the correct magic phrase, the entire book’s recordings would be cast into your mind, allowing you to learn in moments what would take a year or even years to learn on your own. As the pages turned quickly the wizard’s mind was flooded with information, instantly understood and incorporated into his already considerable talents. While the sensation was not unpleasant, against the wizard’s better judgment, he closed his eyes and allowed himself to be immersed in this ancient yet new magic.

The mage was unsure how much time had passed but as the final pages turned he realized that he was uncomfortably warm. Opening his eyes, he was very startled to see the flames that enveloped the chamber, he was protected of course but he had not even noticed till just this moment. He quickly reviewed some of the new knowledge he had gained to see if there was anything there to explain the room of fire. A new spell leapt to mind, and anxious to cast if for the first time, he raised his arms to begin the incantation, only to scream in horror; instead of hands or arms, streaks of flame leapt out, looking down at himself, he only saw more flame. His eyes came to rest on a reflective tile surface, fully revealing the true horror the wizard now faced; gone was the body he had known, standing where he expected to see himself was a very large fire elemental. Fear gripped the wizard and he went over in his mind all his steps, wondering where he had erred. The wizard feared that he will wonder for eternity, or until the next seeker enters the chamber. The mage now knew the book’s final curse, where before an earth elemental had stood guard, he would now take its place, forever in flame. He can only hope that the next to enter the chamber is not so foolish as to destroy the book’s guardian. As the wizards mind fell into insanity’s grasp, his form filled the chamber, the flames touching all but the book and pedestal.

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