Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lost Well of Trolls

Every few years someone claims to find some new clue that will finally provide the location of the elemental well. This long lost portal is said to be somewhere between Waterdeep and Secomber. The Well's legend has given rumor to everything from a portal for the elemental planes to a magical point of power. In all legends it is said to be protected by a strange group of trolls who hinder all who undertake the search. Of course that part of the legend probably arises from the large numbers of trolls that have plagued the road between Waterdeep and Secomber all these years. It is rumored that should the well be found, that several wizards, including the legendary Blackstaff, will pay a handsome reward for the location. As with many legends it is said the well is only found during the most tumultuous times.


James said...

Nice. I love posts of legends like this.

Gordzilla said...

Just keep in mind its real name isn't the lost well of trolls thats just a play on words. Its known as the Elemental Well:)