Friday, July 30, 2010

The last moments of Dinadan of the Grall

To his credit Dinadan of the Grall, did not shy away from the severe physical punishment the mighty earth elementals were hammering out to him at this moment in his last moments. He did not know how many of them there were, only faced his situation with resignation and with little grimace.

Instead he thinks of how it had all gone wrong. He thinks; was it Smolder the Red? The creature of hate and malice, Smolder the pretender under the guise of the Dweller in Brass. Or was it the earthen-headed Chandos-Grumbar? It is Dinadan’s summation that Grumbar could render the simplest of palavers into threats of warfare. Or Colair-Akadi? He, or Dinadan things she, was the informant. Many good souls would be alive had Akadi not been so cooperative and enthusiastic in the creation of the elemental well and ultimately the real objective for the sorcerers; the Rings of Elemental Command.

Still the beatings came to him, like being continually buried alive. Dinadan surveyed what he could beyond his attackers and sees Athalantar is in ruin, swallowed by the earth and blasted by fire and storm. The distressing fallout from the many blood feuds and recent betrayals from Dinadan’s own kin or not even the great schism of the four churches bringing them out of alignment; none of that compared to this, none of it was significant now.

If Dinadan had a clear view of the south he would have seen a great noble-magical being, inspecting the product of its labor. Colair-Adadi pondered future possibilities for great strength and the assurance of ascension into god-hood, and how that time has come.

Winds from across the seven realms strengthen and with a thunder gather about; the ground begins to rumble in a great quake (that will continue for seven days) as the Noble Genie first slips on a white-gold ring that elemental essence is tied to the genie’s own and then a second ring, wrought of iron and heavy with earthen might.

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