Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snake Men

The yuan-ti are humanoids with monstrous features descended from humans whose bloodlines have been mingled with those of serpents or dragons. Their evilness, cunning, and ruthlessness are legendary and constantly scheme to advance their own dark agendas. They are calculating and suave enough to form alliances with other evil creatures when necessary, but they always put their own interests first. All yuan-ti possess some snakelike features, and many have snake body parts and speak their own language. .

Yuan-ti are geniuses and fight as such. They plan elaborate traps and utilize their surroundings superbly in combat, preferring ambushes to direct confrontation. They also prefer ranged attacks and spells to melee confrontations. In a mixed group, the least valuable and powerful attack first; this likely means that the purebloods go before the halfbloods, which go before the abominations.

All yuan-ti can assume the form of any viper up to large snake, although it has not been determined that these are the extent of their shape changing abilities and have the ability to detect the presence of poisons of any kind.


James said...

I know this is practically word for word from the 3.5 MM, but I couldn't resist- I love the pic!

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