Friday, July 16, 2010

The Bishou Dominicus

The Bishou Dominicus stood erect after regarding the elemental symbols in the ancient stone with more than a little curiosity. To his left, his two hellish hounds licked their jowls incessantly, obediently waiting for their master’s commands. To his right and a little behind, his only remaining son Anuirin on his first wide-eyed look at the realms for witch the Bishou vied for power. So it was here in Secomber that Dominicus would continue his passion for prestige in searching for the elemental temples.

Ever since he left the bustling and crowed streets of Waterdeep he and his Anuirin too, felt the wind more acutely, the ground more sound; indeed all elements seemed more rich and pure; even the planets named for the elemental gods shown more brightly in the sky. The Bishou took this as a good omen, as it was he that was tasked with assuming the excavation project to the east of Secomber. As for the current caretaker of the project; a Robe of Powerlessness will tame any protest he may offer. Dominicus tittered with excitement.

He turned and look toward the elf Tinuel, hired to guide the Bishou and his group. “Ok fair elf, I would see the other sigils if it please you.”

“By your command High Hand of Bane.” She bowed in response, a gesture that was meant to show her ample cleavage, which it did- very well.

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