Monday, January 25, 2010

Tauron Tarm

Guarding caravans is more than a point of family pride, it is a chance to prove ones valor in a multitude of unpredictable situations. The lands visited and the people met add more to your personal treasury than any chest of gold possibly could. A strong sword may be the fastest way to make a name for yourself, but it wont do much if that name is seen to equal poor judgement or bad leadership. Of course, the strength of a caravan lies in the company that bands together to deliver that caravan safely and without loss, and that is what a Tarm Caravan provides. For four years I have served as apprentice on the roads of the Realms, learning trade routes and introducing myself to families that have been trading partners with Tarm for generations. I have traveled on ships, but greatly prefer the steady pace of a spirited charger, and the sounds of travel-worn leather straps and turning wheels are the sounds of a well earned paycheck at the end of a dusty road. Long ago I began to appreciate the horses and hounds that so many take for granted, and the health and well being of such creatures are paramount to a successful road venture. In my travels I have learned the secrets of medicine and healing of the men that I travel with as well as the beasts that serve us. I have three faithful companions that have served me well - a pair of mules named Duece and Sweet Pea, as well as a hunting hound named Torm.

But those are not the only secrets I have discovered. I know the power of gods are real, and I feel the rush of such power in my veins. Many pray to providence, fate or destiny, but I know all of these as the will of Tymora, Lady of Luck and fortune. Some say she is a fickle power, but those are the words of impatient fools. Luck shows her face in every transaction, barter, contest, meeting, capture, escape, and competition, but you must be prepared to capitalize on her intervention when she graces you with her favor. If you are not prepared for luck, it will do you no good when she shows her face. Though my prayers have not yet been answered directly, she has manifested many times in my young days on the road. She seems particularly pleased with my style of cards and dice---be warned.

There is another secret that I still seek. Though the rule of the Order in Thay has long drawn in learned men who would call themselves wizard, in times of old great men of power held themselves separate from such cabals, and indeed warned against their corrupting influences. Some even battled against the Early Reds. These men were persecuted by the Order, but they fought back by forging great weapons for warriors to carry against would be tyrants. One such wizard was named Thorwin Grall, and he forged many swords with a number of top craftsmen. One sword, however, stands in legend as his greatest gift. The blade was forged with the notion of providing a warrior with a small arsenal of magic advantages, so that warrior could defeat a wizard without a friendly wizard at his side (indeed, friendly wizards were already getting hard to come by). It is said that he harnessed so much of his personal might into the blade that only the most stalwart, brave, and honorable warrior may lift the sword. It is told in legend that the blade, crafted in the form of a bastard sword, lends spells and enchantments to the fighter wielding it, giving him the powers of a powerful warrior and mystical wizard all at once.Though the legends of the blade are many, only one hints at it's whereabouts now, as it is said to be buried in a forgotten family graveyard. Which family is not known, but the name of the blade is-Arcanum.


James said...

Great to meet you Tauron! Tell me which one of these three trade routes did you see the most?
Waterdeep to...
Luskan? (Sword Coast)
Mirabar? (Savage Frontier)
Everlund? (Silver Marches)
or Llorkh? (Delimbiyr Vale)

harrygoblin said...

I have travelled the
sword Coast extensively, and have accompanied caravans along the Trade as far south as my southern most cousins live.

robm1171 said...

A long-lost sword, eh? Seems somewhat fantastic to me, but I wouldn't mind spending a month or so looking for it. Anything to get those Red Wizards' goat.

James said...

Waterdeep to luskan, the sword coast- the farthest south you've been is Daggerford, Waterdeep's 'military city'.

Russ said...

Hello Tauron it pleases me to see a man beholden to the gods. The lady of luck is a good one to revere if you fancy the games or travel to the dangers of the world.

Many treasures to be found in the garden that’s for certain. Even more trouble if you’re poken around where you aught not to be. The dead don’t take to strangers, worse for strangers lookin to take there knickknacks and cares for. Caution where you tread without guidance.