Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The woman behind the mask.

Larissa Neathal was, in most people’s estimations, the most well-known courtesan in the Villas and Wards of Waterdeep nobility. She is often sought out as an escort for the various visiting envoys and foreign diplomats. As recently observed to be in the service to the nation of Thay and Ambassador Homen Odesserion Abarbrent; the Father of the Bride. She is also said, and it is presumed to be true, that she provides council and comfort to more than one Lord of Waterdeep or Noble- as recently observed in the company of Myrna Cassalanter.

As a warrior-priest of Sune her stunning physical charms and talents expand to include proficient martial and defensive combat abilities as well as practical divine favor and aid. Indeed, a sexy, flirtatious, combat ready woman to have at your side in either cloak and dagger sword-play or the arena of social combat. Her capacity for court parties is the story of legend, being able to hold many different conversations as once but in different languages all the while remembering the names of everyone who introduced themselves. She has been observed on many occasions to dance all day and all night if necessary, without any apparent known ill effects. Undoubtedly she is either immune to most poisons, drafts or sleep drugs, or has some sort of magical protection against these; because she shrugs off any worry of such dangers.

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Gordzilla said...

I think this is a cool character. Multifaceted