Friday, July 30, 2010

Ponderings of Griffith Cragsmere

Mayhap Eva has it correct; we all patronize death in our own way. Even Wayne and I have more in common than just being men distracted by the females of our ka-tet. Although he worships Tempus and I venerate Mask, glorious battle is more often than not- wrought with death, sometimes violent; but in Wayne’s case it is moral and necessary. Every death by my hands is necessary let me assure you, but glorious? I think not. My weapon is not a bright, noble blade forged with the blessings of goodly clergy but an ugly, bludgeoning weapon encircled with nightmarish masks of death. Mask is the lord of shadows and it is from the shadows that I operate and while Wayne rages on in battle with holy trumpets sounding, we both ultimately serve death. Eden our lady-assassin, the bleak outlook of Briar even the Damian and Bordane, display a demeanor that suggests a silent killer, someone who recognizes the circle and order of life or brothers who believe violent death should be visited upon all transgressors. We... most of us,  dispense death in our own way.

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