Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Last Adventure of the Kryptgarden Forest Keepers.

Last summer Tais and his companions: Dayton Coffey, Catrina Nesher, Marten Broadcloak, and Krazen of Tempus came to the small half-elf village of Kheldel on the edge of the Kryptgarden Forest, only to find everyone in a panic. The townsfolk were in the uproar because their prized possession, the Gem of Azaria has lost its glam, had somehow been extinguished. Poised atop of a slim wooden rod- a limb from the treant Yewwand, the gem could magically locate and detect the presence of precious metals and minerals; qualities that kept the small remote village prosperous. Ancient folklore persisted that mysterious and wondrous powers also provided Kheldel with protection from evil. With that protection now gone the druid Kaliepos, grew more and more convinced about a looming attack. The attack would come in the form of their blood enemy the Gim.

Catrina, a cleric of Mielikki and expert falconer, cast her bond to the skies only to confirm the Gim; crazed goblins, hobgoblin chiefs and bugbears brutes were indeed gathering forces in the nearby forest.

Thinking that there was something more going on- Tais, Marten and Krazen stealthily ventured into the wood to spy and gather information on the Gim. While Dayton and Catrina prepared the fifty or so half-elves of the coming battle.

The two days of reconnaissance uncovered a plot and an unlikely alliance. The Gim had rallied behind Syllis, a crazy nymph-bitch follower of Malar and an old rival of the adventurers; Baloreik, a dark elf planes-traveler. Together, through fell magics and rituals they were unified in the belief that they could transmute the Gim into fey-blooded creatures. There plan was nearly complete, all they needed now was the blood of fey- the half-elves of Kheldel.

The battle came as the Peddler’s Moon (with his sack of squealing souls) came up over the horizon. Dozens of frost-touched Gim flooded and overwhelmed the half-elves with deadly flails and fell-frost. Then Baloreik hatched his plan and activated his carefully planted curses about the battlefield. Curses that wrought cataclysmic changes in the adventurers that would see the departure of Krazen from the group; Catrina question her faith; a destructive obsession in Daton; and a physical change in Marten Broadcloak who since is called the White Mage.


Gordzilla said...

Great pic, very cool story.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: These Gim need a good bootheel to put them back where they belong. I was wondering if Tais and his companions knew anything of these goings-on.

James said...

Thanks TG. I got to use 4 cards on that one :)