Friday, April 23, 2010

The strategy of the Orc-priest

Gnaash looked up into the giant spirit’s ferocious eyes. The powerful Oni spirit cast not only an imposing shadow but also a conspiring look upon the orc-priest and granted him his request for aid. Gnaash was intelligent for one of his race and every bit as malevolent and bloodthirsty. The spirit observed that for Gnaash, the hunt was just as enjoyable as was the kill.

The Oni spirit was an anti-paladin who in life served the Dark Lord- Bane. As much as to the extent that he shed his name, identity and soul to become known and feared on the battlefield simply as The Strategist. His battle plans became tactics of legend, principals in siege warfare that are still used to this day. In return for service, the Strategist was blessed with a divine spiritual existence of fell magics and supernatural terrorism to proliferate the power of Bane. It was this divine power that Gnaash now sought against its foes, the Harpers and the paladin Morgan Ravenstar. The Strategist grinned.

Ravenstar along with his friends; Alias, an eldritch-pacted warlock and Korm Tigertooth, a rather venerable and haunted dwarf chanter, together they faithfully served the people and the Council of Everlund. But no longer.

The Strategist granted Gnaash his spells and solemnly bequeathed the orc-priest with Broadvolgue- the Paladin Bane. Gnaash turned from the spirit and towards the mobs of orc subjects gathered; raised the sword and his dragon shield. Gnaash, Gnaash, chanted the mobs until they were in such frenzy that only blood would sate their vile palate.

With that bit of business done the Oni spirit turned north where there were far more plans to put into motion. The Strategist strode into the night, into the fog.

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James said...

(DM) Used: Butch's mini, + 4 cards.