Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Struggle

(Found amongst Bordane's papers, written about a month before the game's start)

I am right. In the very core of my being, I believe this. In all things and in all ways, I believe, I know, I am right. I'm not like a paladin, who sees the world in black and white, I do see shades of grey everywhere. I am full of contradictions. I don't believe in destiny, I believe I'm carving out my place in this world out of the stone of life. Yet, I cannot deny how things seem meant to happen. I want to kick in doors and crush my enemies beneath my boot heel. And yet, I cannot deny that that's exactly what father would do and I despise that man. I am right, I just keep reminding myself that. This will be my world and all will bow before me.

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